It's all about smoke & sweat.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Muse Live In KL, Stadium Negara

I'm actually speechless, trying to find the right words to put this as close to how it was. I went to the stadium at around 3pm, and we waited for about 4 hours for the gates to open. We ran as fast as our bodies could carry us down the steps of Stadium Negara and a few of us managed to get the front of the Pitt, which faced right in front of the stage.

We sat down for a whole ass-numbing hour waiting for Muse to come out, with some light screaming for Muse. The excitement of being in front was starting to get to me, and I was getting a bit annoyed as a cameraman was standing in front of my view of where the bassist, Chris Wolstenholme, was going to be, so I was pretty upset.

9 o'clock. Where were they?? An answer to my question, the lights suddenly dimmed and the fullhouse of the stadium erupted into an ear-splitting roar, and in just a few seconds... there they were. Right. There. A meter and a bit away from me. I was going crazy, and the whole pitt seemed to tear apart as I was slammed onto the barricade trying to keep from being shoved away and holding the camera at the same time. The crowd continued to roar, and Muse started off with Knights of Cydonia. Everyone went mad. Crazy. The lights were a devilish red, in dress code with it was Matt Bellamy, the singing sexbomb.

My intro video was a complete blurr as that was the point of the roughest people, and a girl beside me was screaming very out of tune very clearly into my camera, therefore, you could hear her more than Matt. But that's only one song. =)

Fists punched into the air in co-ordination with the "Ah, ah ah!" of Knights of Cydonia, the music was deafened away by the voices of all of us, united as one: Muse Fan. "Hysteria" came up next, with Chris standing in the middle and that was when I realized in just one song, I was pushed from standing in front of the drummer, Dominic Monaghan, to the bassist, therefore the cameraman was blocking Dom from my view. Cursed guy. I also realized that my cousin, EJ, who came along to the concert with me was missing from the wave of the crowd but I couldn't think on it when Matt finally said, "Selamat Petang, Malaysia." which was pretty entertaining, and followed by a few "Terima Kasih!" and "Apa Khabar?"

Some other CRAZY songs came on, followed by Apocalypse Please, Feeling Good and a few other songs from their previous albums. Me and Dullah were getting restless and the moment we had a chance we shouted "Assassin, Assassin!" and believe it or not; they played Assassin. It was so SO amazing, nothing could make me resist tears.

After a while, they ended for a minute, and the crowd was going crazy, screaming and winding up the poor guards and backstage people who had to support the barricade from the other side to stop it from toppling over.... amazing. There were moments when Dominic seemed to be grinning like a hyenna, overcrazed perhaps, and Chris kept his cool head throughout. Matt pointed to the sky as if he was Superman at one point, beckoning us to shout through our hearts.

We had our anti-dehydration crew, who poured water into the mouths' of people in front [I was one of them]. Then Muse came back on, and cunningly calmed us down with "A Soldier's Poem" which again, was irresistible to feelings, and everyone were enjoyably failing to match up with Matt's amazing melancholy falsetto of a voice.

A few more songs, and this half was AMAZING, as all the songs that caught people off their feet and heads unhooked from their necks played on one by one. Supermassive Blackhole, Starlight, Time is Running Out, Stockholme Syndrome [everyone, EVERYONE, went crazy], and Map of the Problematique were those that blasted everyone's hearts outta their chests! Map of the Problematique was another that me and Dullah screamed for!

Constant "I love Dominic/Matt/Chris" and "I love Muse" were repeated throughout the show. They played a short instrumental which was crazy! A white skinhead walking around [probably their bouncer or something] were egging everyone to jump higher, scream louder, and sing further. This was one of the concerts which every song was sung to. Loud and proud. A sing-along rocker concert that was unforgettable.

"Invincible" was incredible, Matt and Chris's heart-grasping voices reaching out to so many fans, and brought so many people to tears. Unbelievably amazing. I was so starstruck. I snapped some pictures and videos, but all the videos seemed to go askew for people kept crushing me to get to the front. I appeared in the large screen quite often as the camera guy kept turning to the Pitt where we were standing right in front therefore it always went to us.

Finally, oh I hate that word, finally, they sang a prolonged version of Take A Bow and ended with Dominic getting up from the drums telling us how amazing we are and... "Goodbye."
Though it was quite short, it felt the best ever. Muse, please come back again. Our screams were loud enough to send tremor to the middle of Earth.

Written by: Celine, doh. :)