It's all about smoke & sweat.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Teenage Gig Fantastic - Couple's Album Launch

Alright, the day started off a little later than I planned. I went two bands late, arriving just in time for the final two songs by The Peanuts, who were definitely awesome in terms of performance and style. The crowds were not fully pumped up yet, some still standing around just watching The Peanuts. Met Kolep beside the door of the gig hall in MCPA. Told me all my friends were already here, including Syamel (!). He had went as a surprise, because during the previous night he told me his mother didn't allow him to head out (he was down with a fever) until he fully recovered. SO Yeay!

Was superbly happy to see Naddy again as well, after her being away for so long in Sabah! Gwar! Hehehe. Missed that girl a lot, and was nice to see Illey as well. Illleyyy, hehe I've had much MCPA moments with her :) It was quite an awkward moment when she took me to Azam (she didn't know we had clashed) and she looked so puzzled when all we did was give polite smiles and shook hands. AHAHA. But Naddy and Illey... Those two are bloody twins I TELL YOU! Look... just look at them. They aren't related but heck! They look so alike! Even Faiz got confused with who is who.

Illey & Naddy

Anyway, on with the gig. I left to the mamak shortly after The Peanuts ended, and Illey went to get herself a burger. Somehow the burger feel into the hands of Mil, a close friend of Syamel's who had been communicating with me on Myspace, who thought her name was Sila for some weird reason. HAHA, that was hilarious.
Mil: Nah, ni burger kawan you *passes burger to me*
Me: Oh, Illey kan?
Mil: Huh? Ape name dia?
Me: Illey..
Mil: Eh name dia bukan Sila ke?
Me: hahaha Sila?
Mil: sial, i asyik ingat name dia Sila pulak! kenape tiap kali i pnggil dia Sila, dia jawab??
Me: HAHAHA. Tapi kenape you fikir name dia Sila? Y Sila?
Mil: Taktaw muka dia macam sesuai dengan name tu Sila...
Mel, Me, Taan, Chaom: HAHAHAHA!

Aiyoyo, that guy. Cracks me up. And he keeps pouting every time he gets lost in his own thoughts. HAHAHAHA Omfg that was so hilarious. He just... puckers his lips when he thinks no one is looking. Lolz! My own Angelina Jolie. :D

Okay, missed Bunkface's performance coz' I was at the mamak throughout their set, but all I know is I entered the hall and was greeted with loads of screaming fans... which is typically expected I suppose. Next up was The Times! Awesome performance, per usual, but there were these weirdass distracting people who just went up to the stage and started snapping pictures with the members of the bands. Like WHAT THE FUCK!? They're performing, jangan kacau la dudes! Haha it annoyed the crowds everyone was screaming to the guy to get lost from the stage so The Times could put all their attention to their performance. But yeah, he was bloody annoying. That one guy. Eesh!

Next up. Couple's first set, which consisted of all their new songs from their new album they were launching "Teenage Disc Fantastic". Awesome kickstarter C'mon Operator got everybody dancing, and it was as usual a happy clappy performance by the band, well deserved since we waited ages for them to get their sounds ready Hmph!

After their first set, was Yuna! Sweet vocaled girl, whom everyone loved. Relaxing performance, great break from the heavy dancing during Couple's first set. A great break for everybody to get some air back in their lungs for Couple's 2nd set haha!

Couple's 2nd set? Well, it was a tribute to all their previous songs, songs that everyone knew by heart, songs that were sung along to in every gig of theirs. So there really is no need to explain how it went. Everyone was hyped up, calling for songs they wanted to hear next, singing along to every single line of every single song (I know I was!). A great end to a great show. Weird though, this was the first time I actually walked out of MCPA to a finished gig with the sky still bright - it was around 7pm, just as the skies were starting to darken. :)

Chilled outside of MCPA for a while, and was harassed (not literally) by a girl that was part of an online fashion site called Bangkit (myspace.com/Bangkit) who was interested in choosing my for a Fashion Check because apparently my outfit of the day was very fashionable (seriously, it wasn't much haha!). So yeah, wasted some time answering her about where I got my clothes - oh my god this part was hilarious, none of the things I wore was from Malaysia except my Converse shoes hahaha!
Her: So where did you get your tshirt from?
Me: Singapore... Peninsula Plaza. My pants as well.
Her: okay... your belt?
Me: Oh ini? From England...
Her: :/ okay.. and your bag?
Me: LOLZ my bag from France.
Her: *resigned look*
Me: My shoes from malaysia la. Converse
Her: Yes!!!
Hahahaha, sorry girl, I'm not exactly the best person to recommend these clothes to Malaysians, am I? Hahaha!

After the gig, Celine headed to Bukit Bintang to lepak mamak with her friends. Nothing beats a night like this.

The album was nothing short of amazing. Judging from experience, it is definitely a CD you can pop into your car stuffed with friends, and sing along to it with your window winded down with wind blowing your hair all over your face.
Bangun hey hey! Marilah menari dengan ku! :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

U.O.X Play @ Sungei Wang Rooftop

This cracked me up so bad.

After spending a whole night staying up, surviving on Red Bull, I still wasn't stopped from thinking "Man, I'm going to this gig!". Because... I really wanted to go! Plus, I had to go as I was running some errands for my Singaporean gig anyway... ANYHOO.

Fiona and I left my house at around 3pm something, grabbed some KFC with family, and my auntie dropped us off at KL Central Monorail where we took the train straight to Sungei Wang. Followed some gig-goers who were looking for the way to the rooftop, only to get lost, with them, and realized we were in the completely wrong direction. So what did I do? Typical: I called Kolep. Kolep to the rescue! As usual... hahaha. Passed him our bags to take to the clothes booth, because I didn't want to go near the booth (my ex, Azam, who was being a bit awkward, was there, so I wanted to save trouble from erupting). The guards didn't allow me to bring outside drinks so I had to down my Red Bull in like... 3 seconds... Sugar rush-much!

Glad to have found our way to the rooftop, but turned back to get some credit with Kolep, and went to the monorail station again to wait for Trett to arrive. Back from Aussie and ready to gig with me again! :) Again, he came alone, the poor thing, because Mon (once again) ditched him, and John wasn't in the mood to gig.. So... yeah. He was again the only white skinned dude in the crowd. BAHAHA.

Missed Bunkface, as planned, and headbumped to Bus Company. Strolled into the crowds to get ready for 40 Winks! WOOHOO! Couldn't wait to see them perform because I haven't seen them since JUNE! That's a killer. Was very ecstatic for their performance, only to get slightly frustrated because the crowds just could not differ from skanking to enjoy to skanking to mosh and hurt. So that was a bummer. Along with that, DBKL was controlling so strongly on everything that Winks had to cut out their set because of Maghrib Break. GAR! I wanted them to play Tiada Masa sooo bad, man. Seriously. I was waiiiiiting for them to play that song. BAH! But other than that, all I can say about their performance was... SOLID. Loved their tunes, as usual. Hehe. Met up with Chaom and Matt after 40 Winks, relieved to have found Chaom, for he was like... the only one beside Fiona, Trett and Kolep that I was close to there LOLZ.

Left for dinner with the whole gang, and oh my god, this must've been the funniest time of the day. Seriously, nonstop jokes were cracked, stupid remarks... a typical lepak with us, lah. :) Hehe. Kolep got us all so annoyed when he told us to look for a woman showing the peace sign on his CAMEL cigarette box, but after a minute of trying to figure where, he goes "Dia takde kat sane, sebab dia dlm crowd, sedang dngar One Buck Short" LIKE WHAT THE FCK! HAHAHAHA. But there really was an illusion of a naked lady, instead. Which was funky. Then we did the RM5 power rangers thing, along with the penguin on the RM1... xD
MOE'S PRANK ON FIONA WAS HILARIOUS! But I won't say what it is, because I want to use it :D Yes, Moe, my new close mate hehe kept in contact with him since I met him at the CoconutTreez gig.

Trett cracked us all up because he took ages ordering his food. Ran to him to ask him if he was in need of help, and he just said no. Moments later, he comes to the table holding packeted food and drinks and we're like "Why the hell did you order a takeaway!?" and he was like "I DON'T KNOW!!!" Hahahahaha! White boy. :P Then he spilt the Milo Ais all over the table trying to pour it into a cup. LMAO. And Chaom completely wet his shirt opening the Pepsi. HAHA what a mess, man. Then Matt dan Chaom mixed their drinks to form Pepsi Teh O Ais!!! It was... fantabulous... Tasted really cool!
Me: You should've just gone, no no I'm eating here, right?
Trett: I .. I... shut up!
Hahaha, every time I defeated him in an argument, that would be his last attempt to win... "Shut up". Gaha. Hey but it's true Trett, you got me once, but I still beat you 2-1. :D

By the way, Chaom, thank you for belanja'ing the dinner! Sangat sweet la that guy :D we went to pay our 8 bucks, me and Fiona, then Chaom was like runninnngggg to us "OI BUAT APE! DAH BAYAR LA NI!" hahahaha. dude.

Went back to the gig with Chaom and Matt, met Jonathan (Jarrod's brother) and introduced everybody to everybody! Decided to head into the crowd, did a choo-choo so no one would get lost from each other, got stuck behind everybody, realized the crowds were caged, went to the other side, same thing, went back to the previous side, bumped into Illey who said we needed to pass the clothing booths to get into the crowd. Thanked her, and headed back into the crowd and were introduced to a really awesome funky band called Seven. They had a sexy saxophonist whose tunes drived joygasms through my whole body. Absolutely enjoyed them - sure, they weren't moshable to, but they were great! Hated the crowds during their performances, they were so rude! Telling them to get lost, to hurry up, just because they couldn't mosh to their sounds. And what's even more sickening, was when some stupid group of people tried to get everybody to sit down. What's the point they're trying to prove, seriously? Eesh.

After Seven was Laila's Lounge sans vocalist. Which really ticked me off the next day, because Jarrod tells me their gig at JB was going to be their last ever gig... so why, why, why must the vocalist be stuck in a jam at UOX!? ARGH. But it was really cute, the guitarist tried to fill in, and got everybody to sing along to Mawar Khayalan. Awesome. Hehe. But the version they played was so slow and monotonous, argh, they should've just stuck to the original version. The drums were cooler in that one.

Next up? Bittersweet kot? Can't really remember. Let's just skip to Bittersweet, lolz! Squished further up front (did the choo-choo again!) and met some new mates, who stuck with me throughout the whole Bittersweet performance, protecting me from two very annoying peraba's. Like... piss off man, keep your hands to yourselves! Anyway, Bittersweet would've been perfect if some group of annoying men didn't gatecrash the front of the crowd. Not only did they roughly push their way front, once they arrived, they started falling around, annoying the shit out of everyone, oh my god, I would've kicked them all in the balls. Not to mention that I was heavily deprived of sleep so I wasn't in the mood to tolerate haha!

Bittersweet. Fabulous performance - not surprisingly. Played about 5 songs, if I am not wrong... all of them great. Heard their new song for the second time, and still loving it. Can't wait to get their CD now! Chaom, Matt and Jonathan took Fiona out of the crowd when Capital E played, for the crowd was way too rough, and Jonathan was worried about his new tattoo being infected and whatnot. So out they went, and Trett and I stayed in the crowd. After B.Sweet, Fiona told me to meet them at the carpark, she wasn't feeling well, so off we went to grab our bags to head home! Bumped into Arul (whoo!), but couldn't stay long to chitchat. Collected my bags and handed the bus tickets to Aidil Couple for the Singapore trip. Heard a "CELINE!" and saw a guy coming towards me... couldn't picture who it was... then realized it was Zac Komplot HAHA. Bloody blur.. well, I didn't sleep :P

Was pretty funny, Chaom and Matt went to go to the toilet in Sungei Wang on our way out, only to come out the other way with their bladder still full. Hahahah, they looked so funny, randomly appearing at a completely unexpected direction hahaha. Said goodbye to all of them, took the Monorail to KL Central and chatted with the same dudes from the crowd that were protecting me. What were their names? Oh yah, Ijat and Nik.. plus their other friends Harry, Immy, and oh gosh, forgot the rest aha!

All in all, one cool night.