It's all about smoke & sweat.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hujan&Komplot; Celebration of Arts @ Mont Kiara Plaza!

Komplot. Hujan. Gigs. After fantasizing over this event for a week and a bit, it actually happened. Decided to go to Mont Kiara at 4 something when Iman called me to hurry me there [when I spent the whole day hurrying HIM to go]. He met my mama, who wanted to see who I was going to be hanging out with for the day. They talked at McDonald's about random advice stuff while I was the "go-to-the-counter-to-buy-me-coffee" person. Not fair. Human rights, dude.

ANYWAY, waited for the rest of the gang to arrive. Met three new funkyboys by the names of Rozy, Don & K-Lah! WHEEE, they were scared of my hyperness for a bit, but I managed to get them hyper too, so it was all well. Haha, they were friends of Iman's, and I just ducked under his elbow and went "HULOO!" at them. Rozy kind of jumped, and stared, before laughing. HAHA. I won some shampoo pack for giving the name of one Komplot member [I answered Enche Chino] so that was pretty randomly funny. By the time night arrived and Komplot was about to perform, we were hyped and ready!

Komplot. Disco beats that got everyone who went there to stand around looking pretty jump until their make-up were runny. :D Was introduced to some of their other songs [which Ija helped me give the titles to]. Crazily humming to the songs, screaming our heads off to Konflik[!], hi-fiving Zac and getting winded up with the crowd. That was Komplot. Oh and not to mention laughing at the annoyance of Jeffny's face everytime he moved the microphone [the noise was excruciating]. Really enjoyed their full-on performance, there were no flaws whatsoever, Zac MADE SURE everyone there was participating in the moshpit. Managed to record one song [minus the first verse] performed by them.

Iman was sweat-drenched and stunk by the end of them, and Rozy and K-lah became Komplotans.
Hujan. The final act, and the moment most had been waiting for, after Komplot finished.

Komplot gave us all an energetic boost, and we were all ready to pounce on Hujan [or was it Noh, as he was nearest to us] the moment they went on stage. However, the amps decided it was funny to not work and left us all dangling between hyperness and exhaustion. After minutes of screaming "TIPTAP HUJAN DAH TURUN" with random shout outs from the back asking them to "cepatlah", they finally rocked the stage.
Introed with Aku Scandal [which got me and K-Lah hyper as we were singing that together just a while ago]. Tried to video it but failed almost instantly as the crowd was getting more and more rowdy by the seconds. With a thought of "ah, screw it" I stuffed my camera back into my pockets and joined in with the craze. In less than a few minutes, we were pulled into a mosh with some guys beside me. Ija protected me at the beginning, then must've realized I wanted to mosh, and let me handle it on my own. Was completely into it, dehydrated and all, singing along to every word, headbanging at every riff. Ija appeared next to me every once in a while, singing along, with our arms around each others' shoulders.
When Pagi Yang Gelap played, it was obvious that the crowd was suddenly a lot louder [made me laugh as it reminded me of Starlight and Muse], and I was grinning maniacally along with Iman and Ija. "Aku adikmu, dan engkau abanggg" - my words to Iman all the time. Hee. This led onto Ludah Amerika which led onto Empayar Mu if I was not mistakened. Or was it Ludah, then Pagi then Empayar? I dunno, all I know is the final song was EMPAYAR MU prolonged with two extra choruses or something like that. It.was.CRAZY.

Everyone sensed that it was going to be the final mosh for the night. I caused a guy to fall, turned around, asked who fell, and the guy I was talking to raised his hand. I shouted "SORRY" and he held his arm out for a hi-5. Funny bit.

The night ended mellow. Crowd died down, went to McD to bid Mus and Brandon goodnight. Said buhbye to Iman and the funkyboys. Walked by Noh and took a picture with him.
noh: *points at me* "Ah u I kenal lah, dari myspace hehehe!"
me: *grins while ija giggles
Walked home with a pulled muscle and an awesome memory. WHOO! Iman broke his thumb bone. Retard xD

Celine hopes you guys are lovin' this blog.