It's all about smoke & sweat.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

KAMI the Concert @ Bukit Jalil Stadium Carpark

This was meant to be the gig. Of the month. Of the whole 'Kami' chain of gigs. This was it. But maybe it was due to the way I felt when I woke up in the morning, going "Awgh, I'm not in the mood for anything" that made it seem much less than the it gig. But all in all, because of the people I was with, and the bands that played, it was still an awesome, moshable, hardcore, funky day.

Left home at around 1.30pm with Wan, and parked the car at Bangsar to take an LRT to B.Jalil. Took the wrong transit train and went towards the Ampang Line so we had to go back one station. We were worried we were heading for the wrong train, but when we noticed we were surrounded by people with skinnies and indie clothes, our worries wiped away instantaneously. Haha.

Reached Bukit Jalil LRT Station and received a big ass "CELINE" from above the staircases. Looked up to find Sam, Syamil, Wan (rocker Wan a.k.a Moshi), and other dudes waving at me, telling me to wait up. Immediately, I was plunged into a group to follow. Ah, luck always flows my way when it's coming to this. Hahaha.

They introduced me probably the youngest mosher I know, I think he's about 12? He was tagging along with all of us (I forgot his name ARGH!). Syamil and I named him Adik Pfft, because he managed to say 'Pfft', which was me and Syamil's word. HAHAHA. Kak Pfft, Bang Pfft dan Adik Pfft. XD

So anyway, after a long time of waiting for no one in particular, we headed to where the gig was held, and was thrilled to find out I was able to reach in time to watch Plague of Happiness! YES! So I did, and they were well energetic! The air was thick because it had just finished raining, so everyone felt the humidity crashing on us which explained why we didn't skank as much as we could've. The sound system was crap. The mic's were either too loud or too soft, and so were the amps. GOSH!

After Plague, I went to catch a breather before going into the crowd again for Couple and then for Laila's Lounge. I lost the whole gang by then, which really sucked coz it's so boring being in the crowd alone with no one you know. Heck, I didn't see Wan for the whole day after this! That was period was just me zipping in and out of the crowd, before finally bumping into Fad, who came as a photographer for his friend's band Jeopardice. Went back to Durjana's booth, where I finally got some time to spend with Azam and waited for Moshi, Sam and all to turn up again. Found them, and Syamil asked who was playing and I went "They Will Kill Us All". But I had said it while pulling up my bra, so he was like, "Oh, *pulls his shirt like pulling his nipples* They will kill us all, lah?" HAHAH Retard. By the end of the night, that was the "Syamil and Celine" thing. He would sing "Wait a Minute" and do that. And I would be like "Hi Syamil" while pulling my shirt. Hilarious. xD

Anyway, went to buy some drinks with Kolep and Azam, then headed into the crowd with Syamil, Moshi and Sam, to skank to The Aggrobeats. Waited for Koffin Kanser to start so Moshi, Sam, Syamil and I could mosh. When they played, wow the crowd was crazyyyyy. Moshi was not convinced that I could mosh, so Sam did the - annoying - honors of pulling me back every time I tried to mosh. Finally, I was like, STOP PULLING ME BACK, and he laughed, getting the message. He then pushed me out into the mosh circle when I least expected it so by the time I could duck my head down to mosh, I received one punch under my left eye by some random dude. I didn't even realize I was punched, but I just went up to him, giving him the "Wanna fight?" look, and everyone thought I was for real! HAHAHA, but guys, honestly that was just my drama student side in action :) I meant it as a joke! People were pulling me back, and going "It's just for fun, it's just for fun!" and I'm like "I KNOW ARGH!". Then I had about 20 seconds of fame because people were shaking my hand, patting my shoulder, rubbing my head in respect coz they couldn't believe I was a girl. Hah, in yo faces! After the mosh, Moshi and Sam collapsed in leg cramps, which I found particularly amusing, and had to spend 5 minutes convincing Moshi that I was joking when I looked so angry. Finally he got the message and was lyk "Oh... I LIKE YOU MAN! HAHA, next time it'll be me punching your eye, okay?" Hahaha, stupid. I retaliated and said "No, you don't need to, you mosh with a stupid towel that slaps everyone in the face, I think that's enough..."

Anyway, went to get some ice for Moshi's leg and my eye, and chilled for the longest time. Didn't go back in the crowd until night time. Just sat around, buying drinks, talking, lying on the floor, talking, singing, talking, taking pictures, yeah you get the point. :)
Had a personal talk with Sam, of which we spent our time talking about his ex who had passed away, and family issues, personal issues, and whatnot. It was a real KAMI moment, especially when we quoted their slogan. "Hidup ini memang palat, tapi esok masih ada."
Moshi and Sam had masks to wear for 'mosh protection'. LMAO kinda cool masks actually, but I wouldn't wear those, though Moshi had suggested me wearing one. But I just might, so I can mosh freely without worrying people will think I'm a girl or worrying about getting hit smack middle in the face hahaha!

Went in for a while with Azam and Kolep for Pop Shuvit's Mara Bahaya, got bored, came back out, went back in for One Buck Short, Syamil and I got bored, so we went back out. HAHAHA. Didn't mosh to Bittersweet, because I did last Saturday and since Moshi wasn't a fan of theirs, I didn't mind sitting out. Lay on the ground which was when I had a nice chat with Sam. Whoo.

It was then that Haziq (my best mate, Fiona's boyfriend) messages me to say he's in the area, so I went to meet him at Durjana. Went back to find Syamil and gang and saw them shaking hands with the boy I met in the crowds during Kami Raya at Central Market, Arul. GOSH it's like everybody knows everybody! That's when I officially befriended him and kept in contact after. HAHA.

Rushed out of the venue to the LRT station to get tickets before the stations shut down. 11.30pm was the time, by then. Chilled waiting for no one in particular again. They did that a lot. Even when I had gone back home, and SMSed Sam, he was like "We're waiting for no one in particular again". HAHAHA

All in all, good gig which gave me a good way of letting me remember it! (Stupid bruise...) The highlights of the gig wasn't really about the bands, but really about the people I was with, which I guess does celebrate what KAMI is all about, doesn't it?

Celine wishes the day never ended.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gig Hopping!: Kami Raya @ C.M & Youngsters Rock n Roll @ MCPA!

11th October. Two gigs. One heck of a good time. :)

After a chillout at Deepti's place, I took an LRT from Bangsar and went straight to Pasar Seni where I followed the music to where the stage was. Found Kolep and gang setting up the Durjana booth beneath the tents, and helped them for a while. Monisha, supposedly supposed to accompany me, decides to bail out because of her parents' disapproval, which only left Trett to come along and witness the KL gigs for the first time in his life. And oh boy, did he not regret it! :)

Missed out on Couple's performance, which was stupid. But I did manage to snap a few faraway-cannot-see-a-thing pictures. I found Aidil and went O.T.T on it, which just got him laughing. Followed by Couple's performance was Love Me Butch, which I COULD NOT MOSH TO because I was waiting for Trett to arrive so someone could accompany me into the moshpit. GOSH Trett! Chilled with Kolep and sang along to LMB from where we stood, and bumped into the three girls I had met at MCPA during Escape The Flock. Exchanged numbers with one of them, hee. So Trett arrives to the sound of The Aggrobeats, who made me want to get up on one of the parked cars and skank above it. :D Kolep was really friendly to Trett (aww!) who was feeling slightly awkward. Why? He's the only white guy. He's tall, so he can't hide. So he's like SO obvious. But EVERYONE kept asking if we were siblings or cousins... WHYYY!? In the crowds, by the booths, in MCPA, the bands we chilled with... WHYY?!

Followed by the Aggrobeats was The Times! Absolutely awesome performance by them. I went into the crowd with Trett and Nad. Trett got into the groove so quickly, and we were both moshing senseless. Poor Nad was so unprotected, but she soon found her knight in shining armor - some guy in a songkok who stood behind her the whole time protecting her from getting trampled on. Aww. XD
Me: Siape tu?
Nad: I pon tatau!

The Times performed awesome tunes, but I kind of forgot what they were? I was too lightheaded to remember... Woah...
After the exhausting workout - LOL - we went into CM to grab some drinks at the foodcourt. Grace calls and says she was going to head to CM once she's settled at the hotel. And Faiz FortyWinks calls to say he's already at CM and ready to talk about the gig at Singapore. So yeah, that was artist #1 that I chilled with that day. It was a really funny chillout session though, we kept getting distracted by everything. AND he thought Trett was my brother.
Faiz: So, about the bus ticket just let me know...
Me: Okay... Ooh, I like this song!!! *cocks my head towards the speakers* (Aliff Aziz's Sayang2 was playing)
Faiz:... You've got A.D.D man.
Me: WHAT!?
Faiz: Yeah... you get distracted easily... bahahaha hey it's a cool thing to have.

It was a pity Grace didn't arrive in time to chat with him about the gig. Oh well, he told me I already settled everything they needed to know anyway. :) And he was so touched by the fact that I was listening to Forty Winks while doing my homework.
Faiz: It's so.... educational!
Me: What the hell!?
Faiz: Yeah, doesn't really make sense.

Oh did I mention Nad was all torn up when she found out Trett was 3 years her junior? HAHHAHHA. :P
Walked out of CM to find Meet Uncle Hussain already performing! I almost screamed in shock, and dashed towards to booth to dump our wallets to Kolep, and ran to the crowd, jumping to "Halusinasi" at the same time. Lan, why don't you play the guitar anymore?
Moshed like CRAZY. Made friends with one guy - Arul - in the audience. 
*MUH finishes a song*
Me: Milk in a bottleee!!
Arul: Milk in a bottleee!!
*turn to each other*: Ehhhh, cool duude, you pun tau lagu tu!
He, too, thought Trett was my brother. What the... ANYWAY. Meet Uncle Hussain played "Halusinasi", followed by "Pari-pari", "Balik Kampong" (yes, the old classic), and "Lagu Untukmu". When we sat down for the pause because Lan needed to pee or something like that, I realized we'd missed Lalala Kerjalah. DAMN IT. Trett really liked M.U.H. Whoo!

After MUH, Bittersweet were next, and holy hell, they were good. They. Were. Good. They performed... wait let me register it in my head first... they performed "Burn Berlin Down", "Kucing Hitam", "Capital E" and ... some other song, holy crap I forgot. I think it was a song we didn't know. Some raya song I think. We walked out on that one, because Grace had arrived. I went to meet up with her and suggested her to speak to Pijie Bittersweet. Went to find him (artist #2!), only to get him telling me to head over to MCPA because they were performing there, too. Sigh. So Trett and I went to grab some drinks with Grace and Francis, and Francis followed us to MCPA to catch the next gig. Awesome shit, man.

We walked in and the new bassist of Bittersweet - didn't catch his name! - told us Pijie was upstairs. Went upstairs, and Pijie said we'll talk after the show. So we enter the hall and are greeted by Deserters playing. They were goood. When we went to grab some drinks after They Will Kill Us All, whom we MOSHED LIKE CRAZY TO!, Trett and I bought ourselves the Deserters CD. Cooool... David from TWKUA was so pissed off at his guitar issues when setting up he swore so many times it was funny. I loved the bit when Fizul was singing "But I don't know youuu!" and like bent down until our faces were quite close and I sang along in such a hyper way he went back up laughing. Hahaha.

Went back upstairs and chilled, watching Bittersweet set up was probably the funniest thing ever. They were all half dead. Herri looked as though he was completely clueless to whatever was going on. When they were about to start, he puts up his hand and says there's no sound coming from his mic. The technicians all checked and found nothing wrong..... until someone came up to the mic and switched it on. LMAO! Everyone burst out laughing like crazy. That was an awesome moment, right there. Trett was thrilled to watch B.sweet for a second time, and damn he could not stop moshing. I placed my water bottle under the steps in front of the stage, which later on when I took them out, two mates of Pijie beside me were like "Oh my god! Effective!" as if what I did was completely ingenious. Hahaha.
Bittersweet performed "Burn Berlin Down", "Simone", "Capital E", "Get It On" and "Kuching Hitam". Pijie was so limp, he was falling all over the place, and when he jumped into the crowd he seemed to lose all balance and control of his muscles. Woah... crazy, crazy, crazy performances!

Later on, Azam tells me he had no idea my moshing was so fierce. He was there at MCPA (I couldn't meet him at CM because I was in the crowds with Trett - he's leaving the next day, so I felt like I should show him as much of the gigs as possible) and was shocked when he saw me turn up. So while Francis discusses things with Bittersweet's manager/friend, I was in the hall having a blast. Man, I should organize gigs more often. :D

After Bittersweet, we walked down to get another bottle of water, and were almost falling down the stairs. OH MY GOD THAT REMINDS ME! I kept falling UP the stairs! ARGH! Trett was tormenting me with the memory every now and then. I tripped up the stairs walking out of the monorail station, and twice I tripped going up to the hall at MCPA. It was my shoe, Trett, NOT me. xD

Bumped into Amir TWKUA (Artist #3!!!) who was surprised to see me at MCPA (I could never make it to a lot of TWKUA gigs), and we had a cool lepak, with him telling me the lack of response from their Myspace was not ignorance but merely due to busy times. So the good news is they might make it on the Singapore band list! WHOO! Oh, he thought Trett was my cousin. -_- Went back up to the hall to check out The Great Spy Experiment (a singaporean guest band) and Amir intro-ed me to the rest of TWKUA. Went into the crowd to dance to GSE, the crowd was dead, went back to the side of the stage where Amir was.
Me: You like them?
Amir: Oh yeah, they're mad. They are way better than us.
Me: You can't compare! You guys are different! Different sound, different awesome!
Amir: True... :D

Heehee. I gain good karma for that. LMAO.

So what do I think of GSE? They are GOOD, that's definite, but I found some of their tunes very mainstream. And the vocalist's voice didn't really make a presence, unlike Fizul TWKUA, who was... THERE. Oh wait, I'm not supposed to compare. :P

ANYWAY, I find Pijie saying bye to everyone, and he pulls me into the room behind the stage to discuss on what Francis was saying due to continuous 'huh's because we couldn't hear each other. Loud music + half deaf = pointless conversation.
Pijie: (after all discussion) Okay... oh i check your myspace... you memang 15 years old ke!?
Me: 16! My birthday just passed!
Pijie: Whatttt!
Herri: *walks in* Hello, nice to meet you... sorry my voice dah hilang la...
Me: It's okay...
Pijie: She's 15
Me: 16!
Herri: Yeah ke? Wow, tak cam... 15?
Me: 16!!!!!! BAHH!!!

Walk out to where Trett was stood, and we decide to leave a few songs before GSE calls it a night. So we grabbed our stuff... well, MY stuff, and exited the hall. Decided to stop at the mamak outside MCPA first, and ordered milo ais. Trett was amazed, impressed, awed by this side of KL he has never seen. It was a whole new culture for him, and was so pissed that Australia never have mini gigs like these. Well, like I said, you don't need to get drunk and kiss random girls to have fun :) HAHA, he agreed though. And we made a pact to go to a gig every time he comes back to KL.

As we sat at the mamak, Herri and B.Sweet went to another table, and Herri started talking to me (he thought I was Singaporean, ew) so they shifted to chill with us on our table. Then Emai and gang joins along with Pijie, who plops comfortably beside me, only to get me to steal his infamous shades. He thought Trett and I were related. xD Surprise, surprise.
Pijie: So you guys are... cousins? Siblings?
Me: He's my brother.
Pijie: Oh!
Me: No la, kawan je.
Pijie:...what... OH! Eh, you guys are mixed, that's why you look alike!
Me: *turns to Trett* aww, abang!
Trett: Hey I know what that means! See, I'm catching up!
Me: Yeah...what words DO you know? Tapi... Abang... milo ais... dua..
Trett: Tiga!
Me: Wow.
Herri, Emai & Pijie (they were the only ones listening to us blab): LOL!
Trett: Well, next time I'll be able to speak more Malay!
Me: Yeah, what, recite lyrics from the albums? *puts on Pijie's shades again & recites Kucing Hitam*
Pijie: LOL
Me: *turns to him* Your shades senget sikit la.
Pijie: I know...

Do you realize Pijie looks like he's grining 24/7? Even Trett mentioned it! He was like "That guy's such a rockstar... with those grins that's are constantly on his face!"
Herri was so damn sweet when he placed 4-5 Bittersweet CD's on the table for me to have and give to friends. So damn sweet. Trett was so pleased to get another CD in his new Malaysian music collection, LMAO. Oh, by the way, HAHA TRETT YOU ALMOST SPILLED YOUR MILO AIS THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR LAUGHING WHEN I TRIPPED! Oh, and I hope I didn't make it that obvious that I'm not a big OBS fan...
Pijie: One Buck Short ade pergi Singapore jugak ke?
Me: Errrrr..... no....
Herri: *looks at my expression*... why?
Me: Coz...?
HAHAHA then I went into a rant about mainstream people who have so many people who know them already and I want the indie, indie, bands. Wait, I actually said that because Herri mentioned something about them not being signed by EMI, and I was like "I wouldn't have invited you guys if you guys were signed by EMI, because I'm looking for indie, indie bands!"
Pijie was like "Aha... :)"

Finally, we left the table and walked up the stairs to the overhead bridge to cross the road, and I swore, realizing we could've just taken the stairs that led to the monorail station. So we walk back down and walked towards the other stairs. I froze. Turned to Trett. "We didn't pay for our drinks dude." We just burst out laughing and spent 2 minutes debating on whether we should just SMS Pijie and get him to pay (rude la!) or if we should turn back. We turned back hahaha, and made complete fools of ourselves. Walked back to the mamak and the guys from our table were like '???' and I go "We forgot to pay". Everyone started laughing and Trett was like "God, that was embarrassing!"

Walked up to the stairs of the monorail station - realize its CLOSED, so we walked down again to catch a cab. Dude, just picture it. Whole day of moshing. Toes stepped on, leg muscles screaming, and we had to walk up so many steps! ARGH it was so annoying. Luckily we got ourselves a really nice taxi driver who only charged us RM30 to send us to Bangsar and Mont Kiara. Laughed when Trett walks out of the taxi, goes to the sidewalk and trips. Last thing I see of him is his 'shut up' face and a middle finger. HAHAHA!

The day was fantabuloussssss.

Stuck in Celine's memory :]