It's all about smoke & sweat.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ocean of Blood @ MyEvo Clubhouse Studio, Pandan Indah

Headed to Pandan Indah around evening and had already missed half the bands of the day. Went to catch Ezzart perform, and realized Hanafi and Mukhriz were also performing with Effigy Eclipse, but I had already missed their set. DAMMIT. Was kind of bummed out.

Headed up the two flights of stairs right after Final Chapter finished their set, and stayed to catch Better Than Her, who were pretty damn awesome. Really solid, really tight. The drummer, I could tell, was getting a bit exhausted but it was all good. He still managed to keep his beat and didn't stray away from the songs. Nice stuff.

Next up was Kiss the Fallen, a hardcore band with a male-fronted vocalist/guitarist. Pretty rare to see hxc bands like this in KL. With a little more practise, they can definitely be a good band. Right now, they're still rough around the edges.

Ardy was behind the DJ-mics being the emcee behind the studio, and his voice was so much like a radio station guy it was pretty hilarious. Haha. Him and Ijam kept making fun of Afwan as he set up with Sensory after another band, teasing him on the fact that he would be singing, and relating him with Restraint and being old. XD Ardy and Ijam were playing tracks from Backstreet Boys and George Michael between every band, which was pretty awesome. Kept introducing everybody to the crowd: "And we have Celine Beatburns in the house today, give it up for Celine".... LOL, as if everyone knew who I was -_-
He got all my friends thinking I was performing! HAHA. Bodoh.

Next up, Sensoryyyyy. Awesome stuff, after disbanding for over four years, they finally performed again, and it was tighter than one would expect from a newly reformed band. They played three songs, one Lamb of God cover (Laid to Rest) and it was not disappointing. Particularly surprised by Afwan's vocals; he was really good! And Ezzart's showmanship (sowmansip :P) was awesomeeee. :) GOOD JOBBBB!! Loved them.

Headed to eat opposite Noisy and realized the vegan convention was finished by the time I went to Noisy Studio. So disappointed!!! Nguhh! Couldn't get my zines back from Arwith. Sigh. A good night though.

Celine loves watching her friends perform.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tribute to Jesper Stromblad @ One Cafe, KL

Arrived before 3pm and helped Adi and Man cut up the tags and set up the ticket booth for early comers. Spent the first few hours giving entry passes and selling CDs and buttons. Wheehee! :) Was pretty fun. Went to get Salon Pas for my stupidly aching neck. Then went in for the gig at 4.30pm.

First band. Forbid Traction! Haha, was amazed at Lufti's hair, finally I manage to seeee it! :D Abun was their vocalist this time along with Adib, and they featured another chicka to sing Fly High with them as well as Sil Khannaz's guitarist :) cool stuff mannnn. Still love their Soulfly covers.

Again, Biggie was the emcee of the day - he's the only awesome one - and we got ready for Incarnation, who were playing surprisingly early.

Incarnation was awesome, per usual. They never let anyone down, and had a 5-stringed bassist sessionist from Symbiotic in Theory. Hehe. Awesome shizzz mannnn. Was headbanging like crazy throughout their set. Thumbs upppp.

Was pretty tired after their set, then went out for a break and came back in in time for Caladriusssss. Sendarttt. Nashhhhh. WHEEEEE. hehe :) Nash was all dressed up like the members of In Flames do sometimes, which was pretty funny, macam budak sekolah.

If I remember clearly, I think it was Caladrius that got me moshing? Haha. Xingat.

Next up. This Sunday. Same thing with Aly and Junn and their outfit HAHA. Anyway, their set attracted the most people, and their In Flames covers were the most exciting for the audience with a lot of sing-alongs and moshing around. A good set by them, per usual, the only thing missing was Wong, who was replaced by a sessionist. Good job though :)

Then it was time for a break for me as I went out, whilst another band played before Massacre Conspiracy. Ordered some food and tried to calm down my nerves because I started getting really annoyed in the crowd because of some people who kept pushing everybody around like retards. After I calmed down, and didn't feel like going to KLPAC anymore, I headed back in to headband and moshhhhh to MC16 (now without Mio)

Awesome set, tight as usual, and their In Flames covers were awesome. NAIIICEEE.

Next was Reynagade, a band I had heard of about two years ago but never had a chance to catch live until today. Realized it was a band consisting of Catastrophs and Caladrius members haha! Giler ah! Awesome band though. Was listening to them from the back of the hall, because the sound was clearer there, and dayumm they's good they's gooood!

ELEGY! The band I always misspell with an "r" between the e and g. -_-
Awesome shtuff. Great guitarist, great vocalist... apa lagi? :)

Then it was time to pave the way for the organizers of this event, Black Territory! :)
Good stuff, they played two originals and two In Flames, just like many other bands. Man buat lawak: "Can anybody tell me the full name of In Flames' guitarist???"
... "It's Hafiz Bukhari!" HAHA.

An awesome set, with an awesome crowd. :)

Tried to stay awake though I was slipping into fatigue, and stayed awake in time for Effigy Eclipse and Unexpected Mercy (half of UM's set anyways). EE were awesome, considering my friends, Hanafi and Mukhriz, who were part of the band were already drunk, their set was wild! It was gooood! Tight, and completely sailed over my expectations. When they went on stage and I had to help Mukhriz look at the tuner as he tuned the guitar, I was like.... "oh no...." HAHAHA.

AWESOME WORK GUYS! And they had an amazing guitarist!

Unexpected Mercy were good, but I think their original songs are a lot better than their covers.

Went to sleep after this and woke up when the rest came to the car to drive off to Kajang for our Ghostbumps series. :)

Celine was satisfied with the day.