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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Escape the Flock @ MCPA

Went to a gig yesterday at MCPA Hall; Escape the Flock organized by BlackSheepClothing. Went to MCPA hall at around 2pm and waited for Mus to arrive. He spent an hour and a half getting lost trying to find the place, which almost drove me NUTS. Not to mention that half my other friends I invited cancelled and didn't want to come. Gila babi...

So. 3.40pm and he finally arrives. Whoopdeedoo! *note sarcasm* My mother leaves and we go up to the hall. It was awkward at first; no one knew no one so all we got were stares and... more stares. Luckily, and annoyingly in a way, the gig hadn't even started yet. It started when we arrived, as if it was waiting just for us. Pahahaha.There were tshirts and CDs and all the cool indie stuffs being sold all at the side of the hall opposite the stage. I got myself an "I love music" tshirt as well as the "This is not a free Tshirt" tshirt by Black Sheep Clothing.

The first band up were Imaginary Frens, who were pretty alright. 3 months new into the music industry, the vocalist was a girl and she was rocking her way on stage despite the mic being a bit gay. I recognized a girl, Dayang, from the mamak who I saw carrying a bag and saw her hands free so I asked her where she put her bag and got mine to be kept safely under the tables of a t-shirt booth. Gigged with her through most of the night. Next up was HIX (Housed In eXile), whose vocalist, Luq, is the vocalist for Creamson as well, another screamcore rock band. Went up to me and said "Celine?" and I was like what what huh who what. Honestly, despite having spoken to Syam Creamson lots of times on Myspace, I never really took the initiative to know the faces of the band members, just the songs. So of course, I had no clue this was Luq talking to me, which meant I had no clue how he knew me in the first place. -_-

Ija arrived halfway through Hix's performance, and after they finished, we went to the mamak next to MCPA once more to get a drink as Have a Nice Death was performing. Too much hardcore metal can kind of bore you after a while. Ija said he was looking forward to The Padangs as they were rather Indie, and I said "what I thought they were a metal band?".Turns out I was right and he was wrong hahaha! He confused The Padangs with The Rhamans who were the indie band. We had gone back into the hall and a metal band was already performing midway. Asked Luq who they were and he said "The Padangs". HAH Ija I win. :D

What really got me disgusted was staring at a bunch of guys later on in the day who were apparently "hardcore dancing"(??). It was like moshing but in a whole new level which punched in some kungfu acts and stomping around like they kena rasuk or something like that. I just could not help laughing. It was not moshing. NOT. NOTTTTTTTTT. I had turned to two guys who were selling CDs (I think they were the Suicidal Clothing crew) and even they were shrugging at what those guys were doing. Long hair dude: Why don't we show them what real moshing is.Haha! Man he was cool. But I refused to have us be the only three people properly moshing in the midst of kicking and punching and stomping weirdos. Nu-uh.
The kick start of the day for me was definitely Forty Winks, a newly emerged ska band. Absolutely funky songs, it got everyone up and jumping. I was standing for the first four or five bands in complete boredom until THEM. We danced, we skanked, we went completely out of our bodies. Singing along to Tiada Masa was pure heaven and MatMinah was cute (the song, okay). They definitely got everybody sweaty and happy by the end of their performance! From then onwards, things started getting better and better. Kept sticking to the same two people while in the crowd, Edi and Dayang. The Night Act were extremely danceable to; a techno/indie/dance band. The keyboards drove us into such a trance-like mood. But I have to say the lyrics to one of their song was like a mixture of Komplot and Skudap-Skudip "Mari berdansa...somethingsomething irama"... hahaha not really that original! But they were AWESOME. The vocalist was so short though. BAHAHA. Sorry. But honestly, when he stood next to me after his performance and spoke to me about his band, HE WAS SHORTER THAN ME. ARGH. Hey, which reminds me...:

*in the middle of the day*
Me: Why are all these guys so short? *stares at the "hardcore dancers"*
Ija: Bahahahhaha it's in the genes man.
*5 minutes later*
Restraint's vocalist: I want us to play a game! Two teams! It's called The Human Pyramid! We need small guys! Small guys!
Me: Ah, you'll have no problem finding them. There's plenty.*covers my mouth as an Indian guy beside me starts laughing*

Yeah I know that was mean. -_- Couldn't resist you know. Haha!

I really was dying to mosh but the guys who were screwing up the moshpit just put me off completely. So we chilled and went downstairs to buy some drinks to rehydrate ourselves; each time we passed the booth that was keeping my bag for me, I waved at the dudes sitting there until we familiarised ourselves with each other. As we sat outside, OAG arrived; I was quite disappointed because I thought I was going to have to miss OAG because they were the last act, so I was glad I could talk with the band members for a bit. Eric and Fizo came up first, and shook Ija's hand (old mates doh). I sent Jarrod's regards to Fizo (completely under his order!) and like Amir TWKUA when Jarrod sent him my regards, Fizo was completely blank for about 3 seconds.

Me: Fizo right? Jarrod sends his regards!
F: Jarrod?
Me: Jarrod.
F: Jarrod?
Ija: You know.. Jarrod from (i didn't hear what he said)
F: OHHHHHHHHHHHHH Jarrod. Cool cool.
Took a picture with Eric, hehehehehe like a fan drooling over her favourite celebrities I was. :D

Met Radhi OAG (Okay I was ecstatic, not just drooling!), when we were back in the hall. He had pounced on Ija with complete hyperness (AND EVEN HE WAS SHORTER THAN ME WTF!).
Radhi: *To Ija* YO BROOOO!!!! *To Me* Helooo! *shakes my hand* Eh, have I met you before??
Me: *shaking his hand* Er. No......?????
Radhi: *His hand still holding mine, immobile as he stares at me staring at him*........I'm Radhi............
Me: Aiyo I know who you are la! But no I haven't met you before....
Radhi: AHHHHH... that's my wife! It's her birthday.

Which showed God was completely on my side today because he had to leave early to have dinner with his wife... which meant OAG had to switch from being last to being... the next band on! WHOO! During their setting up, I was blurly staring at Fizo without realizing it until he looked at me and he suddenly grinned caused me to jump. And I grinned back and we started laughing mutedly. Funny moment! And the same thing happened with Nizam. Hahaha. So OAG performed and completely kicked butt. I couldn't get a decent shot of Radhi on stage at all because he was HYPER. I took five pictures of him, and deleted all five. Whoo, generasiku, bersinar bagai mentari oh!~ I wished they had performed Beautifool though... But Permysuri was enough to make a great ending song :)

Positively the best band of the night, in line with Forty Winks.I went to sit at the table where my bag was kept and chilled with the guys there after OAG left (and no, I did not let a chance to take a picture with Radhi escape me!). Dayang came by to the table as well and suddenly everyone was taking everyone's pictures. I was introduced to the rest of the guys who were seated at the table beside me and my mom earlier at the mamak. Let's see... the only names I could remember were Dayang and Rezza (probably coz' he was flirting with me HAHA) One dude passed me these MASSIVE shades (okay, they aren't shades, just big models of shades) and I wore it, looking completely stupid. Everyone was like.. *Takes out camera-phone from pockets n surrounds me. SNAP! SNAP! SNAP!* I was like: WHATTTTTTTT.

We waited for Couple, the final band FOR ME as I left after they performed "Rock N Roll". They were completely crowd-friendly, I think about every single guy in the crowd tried to crowd surf (and fail after two seconds) during their performance. I totally enjoyed "Say Hi", "Rock N Roll", "Gotta be my girl" and "Tentang Kita". Er, basically all their songs, teehee. Whoo! Tentang kitaaaa, elok dilupakan semuaaaaa woahh~

SO. Er, this write up was longer than I expected... But yeah! The gig was definitely worth going to, and I made loads of new friends, even though names were forgotten......... BUT. After two weeks of solid mock examinations, what more can I ask for? :) Loved it. LOVED IT!
Oh, and Mus, you were right. My mom DID offer to send Ija home. HAHAHAHA. But he only asked her to stop him at the nearest LRT station.
And it's a bummer that Komplot had to cancel performing.
Gigged and Tested by Celine, :)