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Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka '07 @ Magical Theatre; Sunway Pyramid

Wowow, Merdeka of 50 years Independence was the bomb. No I was not strewn in the crowds at Merdeka Square or watching local stars at KLCC or sitting waiting for a countdown at Bukit Bintang. Nope, I was at a gig :)
A good gig.

So about 6pm, my cousin, Louise, and I reached Sunway Pyramid where we met up with my friend, Nindy. We tried to find the place where the gig was going to be at. While waiting for our other friends to arrive, as we stood at the entrance of S.Pyramid, Louise had pointed to a guy with a backpack and a mini mohawk, and wondered aloud if he was Chino Komplot. After recognizing him, it was like as if a ghost went into my body. I jumped up as dashed to him, grabbing onto his bag. He was definitely caught by surprise, but not until I said I had seen him perform in The Curve about two months ago. He was really nice, and told me he had a performance with another band (The Otherside Orchestra) and sold me Komplot's 'Konflik Metropolis' CD. Thanks again, Chino! Louise, who had this 'he's so cute' thing for him, stayed with Nindy, eyes oggling greedily. Hahahaha.

So, we followed where Chino went to and bumped in Adam Dragon Red, which confirmed that venue was where we were meant to be after all, which was about three shops away from where we stood lost. -_-
Waiting. Waiting. Adam spoke to us a few times when John, my classmate, arrived along with Brandon and Kamarul Dragon Red. Finally, people were arriving! So me, Lou, Nin, Bran, John and Camero went to Burger King to grab some things to eat. Louise was constantly calling Kamarul "Sombong", which was damn funny.
Lou: Yee, so sombong lah. When he goes to the counter to order, he won't order he'll just stand there and stand... like '-_-'
Kamarul: Whatttt...

I kept stealing everyone's root beer, and John was obsessed with Nin's boobs per usual. After B.King, we went back to Magical Theatre where Jarrod arrived! With Wu Hoo! SO, after everyone's arrival, we went to grab a table and listened to old classics by The Police while waiting for the show to begin.

The show begins! We were greeted by a very, extremely, phenomenally UNimpressive magician that caused me and Jarrod to insult his every outta-the-book tricks. I think he heard/saw us laughing (we were quite in front)... Oopz... 

Then there was some really random bands playing which I didn't even know the names to. One tried to be very Muse-like, doing a trio band, sounding a little like a Muse cop-off, too, but the drummer was quite faulty.
Brandon: Can you play better?
Me: I hope so.


Dragon Red did their first set (the boring one) and after the performances we were nothing but a huge groan and aching for food - we were sent away from the table because apparently we were "blocking them from business" as we weren't ordering much but just occupying the table. So we were spotless so we decided to grab some KFC while waiting for Dragon Red to perform. 
Brandon left to help D.R with the equipments, so Ija, Jarrod, Wu, Louise and I went to KFC, while everyone else had left... KFC was damn PACKED as it was Merdeka Eve and everybody was rushing to grab some dinner in the midst of Sunway fun.

Rushed our food to head back to catch Dragon Red. We were like... a pathetic small line of moshers just headbanging away in front of tables of crowd just... staring?
Pathetic. Dragon Red did a very good performance, though, doing a few of their originals, as well as adding in two covers. One very serious one - Plush by Stone Temple Pilots, and the other a complete crowd teaser by Sam Hui - a classic Cantonese oldies which I found an old Chinese man dancing to. SO awesome! Slyde is fluent at Cantonese so he did most of the song, giving "Pun Kan Bat Leong" to Adam, who completely... ruined it? HAHAHA.
Him: *indian accent* bongahnbartliung...
Me: Wtf is he singing?
Louise: LOL HAHAHA I don't have any fcking clue!
Whole gang: WAHAHAHA!

After their performance, we were greeted with Chino and The Otherside Orchestra! What a colossal performance! I was dancing, dancing, dancing to the beats, head bobbing, arm flailing! Great performances, I was so awed by his drumming - once more! :) We were having fits over the moves of the keyboardist who looked like he was epileptic on the keyboards. HAHAHA.
The only turnoff from the band was when I saw the frontman's wife right beside the amps and speakers holding their CHILD! A little child! His/her (can't remember) eardrums must've been completely destroyed. Gosh...

Sat outside after their performance with Louise, behind Dragon Red's table, only to get the gang turn to look at us, wondering what the hell we were sitting away from them for, and told us to join them. They were being served free beer (watered down, yuck!), and everyone was enjoying the service. I on the other hand, wished they had food. xD
Kamarul did some disgusting, weird stunt with his piercing of which he took out his lip piercing, put beer in his mouth, and squirted the beer out from under his lip. I was like "ARGHHH!!"
He did it opposite me! So it was almost spilling on me! Sicko.

Had a nice chat with Joannie, Adam's girlfriend, who was shitcool. Amil and a few others seemed a bit surprised (in a BAD way) when they found out I was studying in GIS. Hahaha, the reputation of my school is just sooooo bad.
Anyway, was in the midst of sitting beside Amil and Kamarul when suddenly we heard a loud "Are you ready to RAWWWWK" in that really old school high pitched voice, and Amil and I practically bolted out of our seats, astounded, rushing to the stage with a huge "WOAHH!!". 

It was Revenge, the old school biker band, rocky, heavy and firm tunes pouring out from the microphones and amps. Great, great sounds. But their fans were totally annoying, hogging the musicians, pushing me out of the way, blocking me sight, so I just got annoyed of it after about 2 songs, and went to sit again. xD

They were goooood, though. So after all the performances, after the "MERDEKA!"s and lots and lots of hanging out, we went home, ending the day with a great yawn, and smelly bodies. xD

Thought of and laughed at by Celine