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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rainhouse 3rd Anniversary @ Rainhouse Studio, Taiping

Headed out to Taiping from Moe's place with Moshi and Rhid at about 10am, and met up with Aron, Nik and Gas at the petrol station by the toll out of KL. Switched CDs, made plans, and offff to Taiping we went!

Arrived at about 2pm? Can't really remember, we headed over to some nasi kedai and ate some food before heading over to Gas's under-renovation house to freshen up and chill a bit before heading to Rainhouse Studio. Chillin' like chillis mahh...

I was extremely obsessed with getting Jerry to run away from Tom...

After soundchecks and hi's and bye's with the organizer, some friends and family (Aron and his bro), we settled down to capture the bands as they started, the first being Arai's project band that played a few covers including Suffocate by First Blood. Mehehe. I like.

Then it was Myeiva (or however you spell it) who played 'death metal', though it sounded a lot more like trashcore.... Hm. But it was alright, the screams were alright, the music was alright... it was... alright. Good job lah. Here was where we managed to analyse the moshing style in Taiping. Agak lain ah. Not really a sense of unity, a lot of groups here and there, when people moshed, it was just to have a laugh or just mengejek the band... I don't know, it was all a bit weird for us.

Then t'was time for Adrenalize, ex-Couple's bassist, Ojoe's new band. Not bad at allll. The keyboards add a cool dancey effect to the menacing vocals and loud sounds of the drums and guitar. A bit weird at parts, like the keyboards break off the climax of the hardcore sounds but altogether, wrapped up pretty well. Nice stuff. Managed to moshhhh gwarrrgghhh!!!

Then it was us. *gulp* hahaha. This was the first time we were doing a proper set with screams inserted at proper parts, soooo... we were nervous. But it all worked well, we had a good show, and despite us being one of the softer bands that day, the crowd was well supportive and we're really grateful for that! :)

Headed down afterwards to just chillll and see if XxCrimeScenexX had arrived. Went to buy drinks, came back, saw CScene, said HI and went back up to catch Arai's second band, Astonish Elmo. Extremely wow. Blew my head, they were great, he is a really talented drummer for someone his age. Fckkkkkk. Arai boleh jadi taikooo! :P HAHA

Headbanged like crazy man, that's all I remembered from their set. And us "phewit"ing when Arai took of his shirt. BAHAHAHAH

The punk era starts hereeee! A few bands I didn't manage to catch, for I was busy swapping shoes with Rhid and Moe, charging my battery and all these sorts of nonsense, but next thing I knew I could hear the sounds of ska and punk from above. Went back up to catch this pretty awesome ska-like band, followed swiftly by a band that had a vocalist who was slightly drunk out of his mind and was saying things that were - yes - meaningful and had a message but... man he talked too much. Haha!

THEN IT WAS TIME FOR xXCRIMESCENEXx, motherfuckerrrrssss! :) But Avroco and Man were missing so it was a little ngehhh. They didn't go through their naked tradition which was pretty disappointing (haha!) but in terms of the singing and the music and the furyyyy of the whole set? Unbelievable. Nobeat was tossing and turning and falling everywhere, screaming into the mic without mercy. My head almost exploded. Haha. Greaaat stuff. And the drums? Fantastic.

Headed to the mamak behind the street where Rainhouse was, chilled, and then decided to head to Ipoh to lepakkkk and laughed til our stomachs were about to burst and the whole Dataran was staring at us before heading back to KL.

Best chicken in the universe.

Celine loves roadtrips. Fullstop.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gig-Hopping!: Wolles Fest @ One Cafe & Dance Punk Party @ Noisy Studio

Damn it. Sorry for the late updates again. I was waiting for a friend to upload Dance Punk Party pictures so I could insert them in, but he hasn't uploaded any so whatever, can't wait any longer! Battery died a bit after I arrived at DPP... :(

ANYWAY! Was a pretty hectic day in mind, had to tursh to One Cafe, play a set with Beatburns then rush to Noisy Studio to play two sets with Enrai and MOIST. As usual, we fretted for nothing. Arrived at One Cafe to the beginning of the soundcheck (there were delays with the mixers and stuff), so we had to wait hours before our set.

We were bored:

Headed in and out a lot, to check out a few bands which we felt were really good. All the bands I have never seen live before blew me away! Like... literally I felt my body going oiwejifneidsihfkewciefh. They were awesome. To name a few, Unexpected Mercy, Blindfold Hero, Dead Eyes Glow, Sammael Abraham. I couldn't stay in time for Her Silent Wish (sob sob!).

Unexpected Mercy. Probably the best female drummer in KL I have seen so far. Blew my mind.

"Aku tgh berzapin ni." - Apit. LOL

A Ruthless Cleansing. One of the most polished hardcore/metal bands so far in the scene, rarely doing gigs but with a massive potential. I was supposed to feature with them on stage that day, but I had no time to go jamming with them... so... tough luck man. Hahah. An awesome show by these dudes, got me headbanging like crazy in the front and singing along at parts I could remember in "Anarchist Manifesto". Whoo!

Next up was Dead Eyes Glow, but I couldn't catch them because Elle was freaking out with the disaster Moshi did with her hair HAHAHA. It was pretty funny, he just took the razor and just randomly scraped her head. But here are some pictures Moshi took as I had to sit outside fixing his mistakes. :P

Went back in for the next two bands that pierced through our veins, one inclusive of Blindfold Hero. GOD THEY WERE TOTALLY ORGASMIC. I moshed and headbanged like crazy here, completely ignoring the fact that I had a performance soon. Haha.

Yeah. The pictures say it all.

Then we had Sammael Abraham, MC16's vox's project band (I forgot the name WARGH!) who played pop/punk-ish stuff which was pretty cool, and then Starting Fight who got into shit for playing a set longer than was allowed... then us. Haha

How we did? Let me be honest, I wasn't really happy with the set. Because of the time, things were rushed, and we only played two songs. I got confused with whether the mic level was too high or too low... That aside, it was still an 'okay' performance. And a good start for us at One Cafe. Thanks, Ax, for inviting. :)


We then headed to Ampang, me, Apit, Moshi, Nurul, Ezzart... Met up with Jarrod who was inside listening to Ben's Bitches performing. Goddammit I missed them! Will be uploading the pictures on this section once I get hold of em, not to worry! But here are a little bit of pictures my camera managed to take throughout the show.

I was surprised to see my cousin at the venue and found out he was going to be performing with his band Goey's Garage (I think that was it), and was even more surprised to find the music pretty kickass. Raw, wild, hectic, it really was punk. Haha.

Of course we had the familiar best-ofs, like Kaosbeat, The Voks and Round Robin. Dancedancedanceeeeee. I had already missed a lot of my fav bands, which suckkkssss. Ngrr. Parttimelovers, sorry I missed your set. At least I bought your CD :)

Then M.O.I.S.T and Enrai performed. I was more satisfied with the M.O.I.S.T set, though I forgot my cymbals for the drums, so the sound was empty and bland... Nguh!!!! But hey, good sets altogether, and there were loads of people. WHOOHOO! DPP!

Sold my zine (RM3), made a lot of profit which I used to photocopy more. Anyone interested, look out for where I will linger at the bottom of the blog page at the Upcoming Shows: section and come along to a gig :)
[Mind] Explosions - RM3

Celine enjoys gig-hopping.