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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Russian Circles LIVE in Malaysia @ KLPAC

After a tiring week of work with at a new place, a Friday night at KLPAC was what I needed, and Russian Circles was a definite close-to-perfection.

Bought my ticket and chipped in to belanja Moe's with Nindy, before heading into Pentas 1.
The stage was also set up, the instruments placed and ready to begin, the lights dimmed. Waited for quite a while before the announcements came on to start the show.

I forgot the time span from the moment the 3-piece band blasted music to the end of their last ambient soundwarp effect, they got me hanging onto their music, too hypnotised to care of other things.

The lighting of KLPAC was absolutely stunning too, and made the show even better. I was hesitant about the sitting down and watching the band sort of idea, but in the end, it really worked, for the lighting of the stage made it very worth it, morphing and changing in time with the songs.

They played so many songs that the crowd knew, like Geneva, Youngblood, Malko and more more more... Their set was a fluctuation from lows and highs... the highs piercing through your adrenaline, and having all the heads banging in synch, whilst the lows would thicken the atmosphere so much you could do nothing else but sit completely still and let the music take over you ( and for some, like me, to just let their overwhelmed tears flow ).

There was no surprise that they came back for an encore when they finished playing their 'last' song. A crazy crazy set they had, many were blown away and couldn't find the words to describe the maximality of a show that Russian Circles had given us.

A beautiful set Celine will never forget.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Dying Fetus LIVE in KL @ One Cafe

Guess who's back in the gig scene!? Yeap, it's me!

After a long summer break in Europe, exposing myself to the life out there, and the music, and the people, I am again back here and feeling as at home as ever. Stepping back into the darkness of One Cafe was the warmest feeling I had in a long time, and made me realize how long I had not actually been to a KL gig!

Headed out around 5-ish, and was about to go onto the monorail when Azri tells me "I'm at KL Central"... hey, hey me too! As the monorail arrived, I saw him and Firdaus waiting at the other entrance. Funny stuff. Greeted them and headed to One Cafe together.

As we arrived, we heard music. No way in hell! Is this really a One Cafe gig starting on time? Really!?
Was super impressed, and greeted as many friends as I could see around, and rushed inside to catch Japanese grindcore band, Damage Digital.

Damage Digital

What to say? They were crazy, so full of energy and so full of emotion!
I missed the first songs but went into One Cafe with a "long time no see" from those at the door and went straight to the front only to be thrown back by the immense force screeching out of the vocalist's throat. Amazing. Absolutely phenomenal.

It was really annoying when the sound system suddenly went kapooot and the microphones stopped working. Had to pause for a while and endure with the One Cafe's usual muckups. Said hi to friends, chilled, laughed as everybody went mental over Damage Digital freebies.

Then before we knew it, it was back in the game! Four more songs from the hectic japanese band left me with great respect for the vocalist as the stage gave way to Dying Fetus.

Dying Fetus

Justifiable Homicide, Inviscerated Offspring, Killing on Adrenaline.... they played it all! From the beginning of the three-piece legends' set til the end, the room was pounding with roars, both from the band and the crowds. Along with a lot of technical problems too of course.

When Justifiable Homicide played, that was it. That was all it took for me to stop being a wuss and jump into the crowd and headbang til my neck was too sore to move the next day (suffering the aftermath at this very moment while typing this!). Too bad for the crappy sounds. The sounds for the drums was amazingly loud enough, which was awesome, but that also meant the sounds of the bass and microphones were overshadowed. There was not enough balance on the sounds overall.

But honestly? If people came all the way here to catch Dying Fetus, the last thing they want to give a shit about is quality of the sound. They true diehard fans in the crowds that night didn't need a clear microphone to know what songs Dying Fetus played. It was a great show.

When the show was over, everybody exited the place, half tipsy, half pained in the neck and catching their breath for air. Stayed around to linger and wait for a chance to get a photo with Dying Fetus/Damage Digital. Finally saw Cris, who arrived only on the last two songs of Dying Fetus... my goshhhhh, terlepasss, that boy! His fault for bringing so much alcohol that wasn't allowed in. BAHAHAH.

"It's rare to see a girl like you in Malaysia!" she said. :)

Celine is glad to be back.

Indie Youth Fest FEYST10


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