It's all about smoke & sweat.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Crush Kill Destroy! Gig @ Noisy Studio, Ampunk

Not much to say about this gig really, we had a lot of fun, but as usual it started super late. Mitch was too sick so had to head back to the hotel before the gig even started, leaving me with only Tom and Tim.

Lots of booze, fast, grindcore music and a lot of drunk people. Really enjoyed the sets by Diseksa, Sarjan Hassan and Crime Scene! :) Crazy, mental, energetic, frantic... all the words related to psychotic, and you can get the gist of their music. :)

Celine loves a bit of grind and trash every now and then

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Monsoon Vol. 9 @ Laundry Bar

This Thursday night went by very quickly; went to KL Central around 7 to pick up Azam and Jonas to take them to Laundry after dropping Moe first to grab his dinner with the rest of BeforeAfters (Nin, Ezzart and Afiq).

Arrived at around 8.30pm after a stupidly massive jam and headed to a still empty table. The dinner hadn't arrived yet since I left Moe there. HAHAHA. Aduh. Typical. Chilled til about 9.30pm and BeforeAfters headed on stage to play.

I was both photographer and videographer (my camera and Nindy's mom's camera) so I didn't really have the full ability to properly bob around and sing along like I would've hoped, not to mention I was still in a pretty snappy mood.

Played a half an hour set, BeforeAfters did an extremely good job for a first show in Laundry Bar. The sound sucked a few times, the bass was giving too much of feedback for certain intros, but overall it was an extremely good show.

Chilled and talked whilst the next bands went up, and managed to catch Farai Hughrie and Free Deserters. This was probably the most epic moment I had experienced in a long time, when Farai walked on stage and Jonas says "I think I've seen this band before..."
I met him a few days back in Reggae Bar with The Pints and Ezzart, but thought that was the first day I met him. After Farai walks on stage, we realized we'd actually already met a month before at a show in No Black Tie when I was the ticket holder and he was signing his name on the guest book. HAHAHA. Geez.

Farai Hughrie again put on a very entertaining show with happy chords and melodic rhythms for the audience to chat and drink over. Cute harmonies, cute lyrics, the mood was uplifted by him and his band by the end of the set, in time for Free Deserters to conquer and rock up the place. A good set, still wish they played tunes like Confusion and No Bravery (was that the title)... stuff from their old releases. *sigh*

Was extremely hungry halfway through Free Deserters' set, so decided to pack it up and leave with Azam and Jonas to Q Bistro for a bite and head back for Lab The Rat. BUT, q Bistro was closed, so we decided to ditch altogether and head to Hartamas for some good mamak food. Headed back into KL later on to chill for the night..

Chilled sessions for a chilled Celine.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Pints LIVE in KL @ One Cafe, Jln TAR

After a day of shopping with my mom and buying flight tickets and whatnot, I headed to One Cafe where Mia was already chilling. Sooner than later, all the friends started arriving... but the crowd remained stagnant, small and bare.

We had no idea what was happening with the gig, it was already 9.30pm when finally Apis came around giving us small pieces of papers to check out what number our band would be playing. Rotten Ruckus was 3rd. So that meant neither Nindy nor Mia could stay for the show. Goddamet!

First up was Carbon4Teen, who are always good and always fun to listen to or watch. Chatted with a few of the guys from The Pints + their friends, and bought some drinks while enjoying C4Teen and Kids on the Move who were after them.

I didn't get any photos of any other band because my friend, Moe, was holding it and the battery was too low and he wanted to grab some pics of us onstage... so sorry guys, I guess all you're getting is a review hehe. Per usual, KOTM were full of energy and Min again pounded the drums with vigor. The Pints were glad I had recommended this band for them to check out and were amazed.

Next up was us! Was a pretty sight to see all our friends already in front of the stage, waiting to jump around to our songs and sing along. :P Rotten Ruckus, raw and fast. Here are some picturesss...

After us was Pusher, followed by T.I.M and finally The Pints. This was my pathetically first time catching Pusher live and it was great for me, despite the instrument fuck ups we always get at One Cafe. It was a good sound, a good band, good influences (The Clash!)... Even the Australian guys liked 'em. T.I.M, biasalah, always amazing, Tim and his guitarfingers... blows my mind.

It's a real pain that I didn't get any pictures of The Pints on stage, but at least it wasn't like the Miles Away gig where I didn't even frigging catch the band and paid for nothing! Sigh.... That was why I didn't review that gig... Yup.

Anyway, The Pints were great, always awesome to catch a drummer singing as well, and this guy was mentallll. Great stuff. They played a long set of short songs, the one title I remembered was "Old people should grow up". Funny stuff. I loved their music, they're awesome people, and we took them out drinking after the show.

Celine loves a little bit of punk rock!

Monday, November 1, 2010

LATE ENTRY: Prognosis Death Pictures

The review is here: http://gigkl.blogspot.com/2010/10/prognosis-death-album-launch-myevo.html
All photos by Azam (Facebook: Norazam Shah)

In League LIVE in KL @ Noisy Studio

Headed to PWTC apartments to pick In League up from their room straight to Noisy for a soundcheck around 6pm. And I must say, I was already blown away by their music even before the gig started. Watttafeckkk.

Chilled at the next door mamak with the dudes for a while and listened to their stories about their tour and Perth before they decided to head back to change into shorts... Noisy's hellbound temperature was a bit too unbearable. So they chow-ed and Moe and I waited for the crowd to arrive.

Ein arrived and chilled with us as our friends came over too, and the gig started around 9pm. First up was This Sunday, who won the attention of In League for playing a cover of Underoath during soundcheck.

Their set was obviously as good as it gets, TS will never fail a performance. Didn't play my ultimate favourite song but glad they played In Different Shells!

Next up, Thy Regiment. Strong, hyped, crazy, manic; the 5 boys really know who to tear up the stage regardless of how small or big the crowds are. They live for the music they play and they aren't afraid to show it.

Us and T-shirt!

Collages played through a frivolous and speedy set, toying with the adrenaline of the crowd and their intricate use of guitar works making their set more than just a normal hardcore set. Never disappointing, Collages is definitely a band I would say is the best newcomer so far.

Massacre Conspiracy didn't leave any space for the crowd to breath, and picked up right where Collages left off and blew the steam off every head in the audience. Always up for an MC16 set, I was well pumped for their set and didn't even care about annoying boys two=stepping to the wrong rhythm. :D

Asthalin was the last to open for the night before In League took hold of the stage, and they were not the least. Soaring through another successful set of amazing timely breakdowns and intricate build ups filled with strong drum and guitar works, Asthalin and Massacre Conspiracy reached out to even the Australians boys, who mentioned later on that the last two acts before them were definitely killers. Yeayy :)

In League. For guys who looked so young, I will only say one thing: Talented. The screams sounded more mature than the vocalist looked, and the sound of what they called "post-hardcore" really went out of ordinary for the local crowd. Not typically filled with breakdowns and jengjengjengs, In League's music is underlaid with a melodious string of vocals and keyboards. I enjoyed the set, for it was something different (for once) in our scene, and I went straight to buying their shirt/CD HAHA. bodoh.

After a set of 35 minutes, In League ended their set and went back to the backroom to pack up and prepare for photo harassment (hehe). Overall, despite a turn-out that didn't pack the whole of Noisy Studio, the gig was enjoyable anyway, because the ones who did attend went all out for all the bands who performed. A real sense of unity going on that night.

After everything was packed, we said our goodbyes and drove In League back to the apartment. Chilled for a bit, they contemplated on going clubbing but it was already 2 hours before the club closed so we thought there was really no point. So we headed out to Alor and ate and drank til 5 in the morning. Fun.

Celine hopes In League had fun in KL.