It's all about smoke & sweat.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

OAG Merdayka Gig

With the sudden downpour of KL rain, you'd expect KL Tower to be left cooling and cloudy, perfect weather for the gig if you're going clad in a hoodie and jeans. How very wrong I was. The moment we stepped out of the car, Ija and I, I knew I was in for a sweat-dunk. With Ija continuously complaining about his eyes needing shades, we climbed up the steep hill towards KL Tower, where the OAG Merdayka Gig was held. Being about two hours late, I met up with my two Myspace friends, Azam and Nad (who knew me through Kolep), as they waited for me above the escalator (my, my I felt like a Queen! :] )
Walking along the numerous stalls set up by all the Angkatan Baju Malaya gangs, to name a few like Dadu, Durjana, BlackSheepClothing, and lots more, we went to seek for the two brothers Kolep and Kodyp at the Durjana stall, where we settled while waiting for the good bands to start the day, and also where Ija bought me a Couple t-shirt. On the stage as we entered was Soundgardens, playing an Alice in Chains cover, with great music, but... a 'satisfactory' vocalist to wrap it all up. Followed on by the were The DeadMushrooms; the commentor tried (and failed) to make everybody laugh by saying "The Deadmushroomsoup! -_- I almost choked on the Nad's 100Plus in disgust.

I realized by the end of the day, that I was a HORRIBLE blogger this time, as I had completely forgotten to take pictures and videos of any other bands except OAG, but that can be forgiven as the gig IS a gig for OAG anyway... :) right?

So. Just as I was telling Nad and Azam how I don't really have a soft spot for Bunkface, unlike the hundreds of other girls there, Bunkface stepped onto the stage, and before I knew it, Nad and Azam had dragged me into the midst of cheering and frantic fans. Oh god, I tell you, I was so out of place. They started playing, and I didn't even feel any single excitement bubbling inside me to even try to pogo. No. I remember complaining about those idiotic girls who just stood at gigs and didn't do anything. I felt like them. But unlike them, I actually didn't want to be there, I was only there to stop people from crushing all over tiny Nad. HAHAHA. Not only was Bunkface unappealing to me, I ended up losing my favourite white shades after their performance, which only made my dislike towards them increase. ALSO, some dude in orange was totally trying his best to feel me and Nad up, and I stared him down with such vigilance he was out of the place before Ija could reach him to do anything about it. HAHA.

Next up, with a rush through my adrenaline to realize I was about five seconds late to welcome them, was Couple! :) I ran into the crowd as they played the first tunes to "Gonna Be My Gurl", along with Ija this time, as he was a fan of Couple, and also to protect Nad and I. Couple were of course, undoubtedly fabulous, energetic and gave everybody in the crowds a real reason to push forward the barriers separating us from the stage. After the first song, they gave us an all time favourite "Rock N' Roll" along with "Tentang Kita", a Malay choice to celebrate the independence of Malaysia. A tight, enjoyable performance full of sing-alongs and moshing. Loved it.

The commentor ruined it by saying "Give it up for Bunkface!"... -_- COUPLE GODDAMIT!

SkudapSkudip was next! Hell yeah! This time Azam and Nad decided to take a break while I went into the crowds with Kolep and that guy with the afro... I always forget to ask for his name! Grr.

Skudap/dip's "soundcheck" was enough to drive everyone crazy, and when they bounced in with the jovial "Mari Berdanska"... phoo, you could see people skanking here and there and everywhere! Great, great sounds filled with crescendos and buildups every now and then from the trumpets. Loved them! Then they played another tune followed by an encore "The big, big blue monkey!" that sent everyone sailing to the skies. Ecstatic performance, they were definitely not a disappointment. Pity I didn't have any recordings of their performance [I was too busy dancing with people!]

The commentor once again made a fool of himself by saying "Itulah Skudip Skudap!"
Skudip Skudap? What is it, opposite day? -_- SO not impressed.

Took a break as Azam, Nad and I went to get some drinks - Azam, being a guy, got me to belanja him PSHT some guy... - while I treated Nad and myself to ice cream, YUM! The man at the ice cream stall reminded me not to drink my water too quickly, which I thought was very nice of him. I was soaked and drenched in sweat, my heart thudding a million to one, and it would've been a great risk if I gulped down the whole of my bottle at once! Complained about Bittersweet not being able to perform at KL Tower on the way back to the stage, and suddenly we froze to our places at the sound of "Generasiku" by OAG already starting. Horrified that I was about to miss the song, I ran to the audience, only to realize I couldn't do much anyway considering I had an icecream to finish. Drats. So we stood there, Azam and I, head bobbing to Generasiku, singing along (whenever my mouth wasn't stuffed with chocolate cream).
"Generasiku, bersinar mm mmm mm mmm mm!"
I couldn't really see what Radhi was wearing from afar and when Azam used my camera to take a zoomed in shot, I almost dropped my ice cream from laughing. Radhi was equivalent to an asian Kenny from Southpark.
After the first song, Radhi indulged into a long, moving speech on independence (and indie-pendence) and performed a great live performance of "Akustatik". Soothing and a great sing-along song, it melted everybody's hearts even to the extent that no one seemed to bother when Feezul (or was it Nizam) played a wrong chord for a while. But Azam and I had looked at each other and went "Ohhhh, salah chord!" hahahah!

OAG then went straight into 60's TV, with Radhi brandishing his shoe up for everybody to see, asking if they wanted it. Then talking about completely off-the-topic things about the shoe before saying "Ah, tak boleh la, ini kasut mahal tau. Ini sponsor tau." LOLZ. Funny man.
60's TV! Got us all jumping up and down, singing at the top of our lungs. Loved, loved, loved it. I can say with no doubt that this was my favourite song they performed that day. Following on, was OAG's Merdeka song which I have no idea what the title is, but it was really great, everybody was singing along, and punching the air as we shouted "Merdeka" in tune to the singing. Amazing stuff, OAG was definitely the band of the day, along with Skudap Skudip who later on joined them on the stage to brandish the Malaysian flags while everybody shouted "Merdeka!" in unison.

A great show overall, and it ended with us leaving to lepak at some mamak, which was ultimately delayed by Ija going to see Radhi to say hi, followed by me being halted by Eric as he recognized my face, and asked about the Singapore gig which I had requested for OAG to perform as well. Straight after, we realized we had lost the parking ticket, but were blessed by a wonderful guard who allowed us to pay RM15 instead of RM50. :) God bless you, encik.

Waited for AGES for Ija to return from the ATM machine, and sat on the steps of Low Yat Plaza humming to songs we played on our phones, and taking pictures. Had a particularly interesting conversation with Nad about the whole Chinese/Malay controversy, which she surprisingly understood, as she lived in Sabah and had lots of chinese friends, some of them reluctant to mix with her, while some were more open to other races.
"Chinese mothers are scary" said she, "They're usually the ones who tell their children to beware of Malays, hahaha!"
Couldn't agree more! xD
Went to Kitaro behind Sungai Wang with Azam, Nad to meet up with Ija, who had apparently looked here and there for us, as he had forgotten where he placed us. His memory... gosh! Talked to Ija about business plans and left before Azam and Nad came back from Sungai Wang as my mom was rushing me by then. Ija stopped by a shades stall and got himself and me new shades, haha!

A great night, with lots of laughs, smiles and amazing live music! :)

With lots of smiles from the memory, Celine will end here! :)