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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Prognosis Death Album Launch @ Myevo Clubhouse Studio

Right okay, this is stupid, posting a blog without photos but that's what you get when your one and only beloved camera has malfunctioned :(

So sorry guys, I hate posting blogs without photos!!!

Anyway, headed to Pandan Indah LRT and waited for the birthday boy Azam to arrive and head to Myevo together. He's the one with the pictures so hopefully I can upload some of his pics for you guys to see later on.

We thought we were extremely late but when we arrived at around 4pm, the first band was in the middle of their set already. We managed to catch our must-see band Asthalin!!!

Asthalin were, of course awesome, we spent their set laughing at the members, who are our personal friends, and singing along to their manic, adrenaline-punching music. If you like music with great breakdowns, listen to them. Creative, and full of arrangements. Loved it!!! They played an encore for us because we were annoying them non-stop to play an encore. Hehe.

Avalon's Whisper, one of the longer bands in the hardcore scene played next, and were greeted by pleasant crowd. The studio was small and cosy but was never left empty which was a good thing. Everybody should learn to respect the bands performing by at least sitting through their sets to give moral support.

I didn't stay for long though, had to head out to Ampang to jam with Beatburns. Jammed with our new sessionist guitar... for one hour, then headed BACK to Myevo to pick up Azam.

Managed to catch Prognosis Death , who of course played last since they were releasing their EP that day. And I have to say, I have never heard their music, and regret it! They were bloooody tight! Their music was not the same usual hardcore sort of music, it was built up with so many layers and so many arrangements. The first song was enough to show me what a WOW band they could possibly have the potential to become.

Headed to Hassan to lepak with Aron and Gas, then headed to Aron's house with the rest of the gang for a late night movie marathon and a chilled out session.

I'm keeping this short, because without pictures, long reviews won't be cool :P

Celine particularly enjoyed this simple and chilled day!

Monday, October 11, 2010

This is Not A Birthday Gig @ Noisy Studio

It was a day of celebrating birthdays; Mine, Mia's, Iman's and Ijam Naratu's! The night was far and the day was ending, and I was in the midst of an intense soundcheck at One Cafe for the company event Rock Feyst. Bumming around with Nash pushing one band after the other up on stage wasn't as fun as I'd hoped, it was pretty tiring. But hey, thanks Nash for the awesome Pokemon drawing of me! HAHA

Headed off to Noisy Studio around 5pm with Moshi, and started preparing, putting up the zine/CD tables together with Arep and Moshi, when Moe and Rhid arrived with the drinks and stuff. The food was arriving later than the crowd, and I was starting to panic when I heard someone had been spreading a rumour that my gig was cancelled. Ape mende...

But it's alright we had over 200 people that night. Thank you all so much for coming, really I appreciate it so much.

First act of the night, was 3/5s of Corporate Youth, consisting of Rizal, Hanafi and Mukhriz! :D Thank you guys so much for kickstarting the show with an awesome energetic set!!! And a cover of Minor Threat too! Love you guys superduperly much! WHEE!

The food arrived in the middle of their set, and poof Nindy. Ezzrt, Afiq and Moe were off to play second, with BeforeAfters! Got a lot of crowds coming in to watch, good for them. An awesome set, Nindy forgot her lines again, but that's okay everybody enjoyed their set. And I LOVED IT WHEEHOO. Me and Alice were basically singing to almost every single song hahaha. <3

Then next up, me. :| Haha, quite a crisis during my set, Nik had to stop after the first or second song because his guitar string broke. The picture Alice and Azam took made it seem like my set was crazy. Havoc giler, hands everywhere, pictures of my friends screaming to the song, Moshi jumping over people's heads to grab the mic. HAHA! I love you guys so much. We played three songs, one new, and the crowd loved it... Thank y'all.. :)

People were still flowing in throughout the whole night, and some were already shitfaced by the fourth band. Seriously guys... I didn't even get to drink that much coz you guys took everything! HAHA. The food was also loved by lots, my mom's vegetarian dish ran out in a blink of an eye...

Went back in for Sensory, awesomeness, Ezzart might've been tipsy already then, because he was wild with his bass. Everyone was headbanging, screaming along, fists in the air, it was awesome. Always love the energy Sensory exerts.

Then it was Second Combat, and by now we were already worrying about time, because apparently a policeman had passed by to warn us about ending before midnight. Second Combat's set was crazy, everybody was jumping on stage, throwing the mic around, singing along, pushing around. Whew. Love it love it love it.

Look at this. :P Amount of people amazed me!

Next up, Asthalin! :D Absolutely happy that I could finally catch them live, haven't seen them in ages. Thank you guys for willing to play at my show, I know you guys don't gig much nowadays. A typically awesome set by Asthalin, loud, energetic, heart-thumping. Adrenaline rush. Think of all the words that has to do with 'wild' and you get an Asthalin set. Yeargh!

Then it was time for birthday cake cutting! Ijam was so surprised to see his name on the cake, and Iman arrived just in time hehe. All 4 of us, and a whole bunch of hundreds singing happy birthday. :) Whee. Loved it. Then the cake fight commenced and so did the tepung telur (courtesy of Fahmy). Grrrr... HAHA.

Randomly dragged me in for a photo. XD

And now, the serious part. I would like to apologize to for having to cancel your shows last minute, I know a lot of you had been at the party early to wait for your set. I really wish I could rewind time and tell the policemen to give us some leeway, I still feel bad I had to cancel you guys, coz you guys were the bands I was really looking forward to that night. Hope you guys aren't too pissed off and hope you guys won't mind playing for a gig if I ever organize one again! :P I was not willing to risk getting everyone arrested just because I was selfish and wanted to hear you guys play. Hope you guys had fun at the party anyway.

Headed to karaoke at a shitty place where they got Radiohead lyrics wrong (giler fail doh: I'm a creep/I'm a willow) with Rhid, Moe, Moshi and Azam before heading back home to sleep in time for the FEYST concert the next morning.

A birthday Celine will never forget

Friday, October 8, 2010

Moonshine @ Laundry Bar

It was yet another night organized by Reza Salleh, another 4-band show at the busy lair of The Curve, Laundry Bar. Starting off slow and ending with a clash of loud sounds, the night was beautifully entertaining and worth the precious hours spent sitting before the stage, talking and mingling and watching the performances.

The first set was a slower, calmer exertion by Aiqa Halim, (I have reviewed her for Junk before!) and the set was a sweet and short flow of tunes. Personally liking her a lot more than the more famous oves like Zee Avi and Liyana Fizi, I was glad to be able to catch her live. Acoustic shows once in a while is a treat for the ears.

Then after singing along to the singalong music video of "Watcha Say" and watching the muted music videos on the projector completely not match the music playing on the speakers, the next act came up and pleased all fans and friends; Stonebay. And the name did suit well for the vocalist, Ojie, kept saying wrong things and making hilarious mistakes, macam dah kena apaaaa tah. HAHA.

An awesome mellow set, with songs like Sangsi and Si Murai Penipu to brighten up the atmosphere. There's a reason why they are one of Reza's favourites :)

Next up was one band that I had been super excited to finally catch live. After yearsssssss of being arrive, I finally found a chance to catch Ferns live! I always thought they sounded super lo-fi, but seeing them live made me realize how super cute they are! And the vocalist my god!!!! Looks nowhere near the type of person you'd expect of a voice like his to be part of. Extremely enjoyed their set, some people found them hard to accept, but it is illegal to not accept Ferns...

And finally. Finally finally finally. Lightcraft. The one band I have been dying to see ever since I got my hands on their album two years back. Wait. One year back. Almost two years. But yeah! I was so excited, so excited to see this band, I actually miss this feeling of enthusiasm to catch a local act. The last time was probably to catch Plague of Happiness at Cherating Ska Fest. Haha.

And were they amazing? Yes. Those Beautiful Shapes, All In My Mind, most of my favourite songs they played. If only they played Tanpa Jawaban though. That would've made it absolutely perfect. I fell in love with their one song which I didn't know, the lyrics brought tears to my eyes.
"Love is no place for fear"... gosh. :) Really appreciated their set, I would love to catch them live again. GWAR!

Getting blinded by the camera flash

Celine's soul was drifting