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Sunday, February 22, 2009

MIIM Carnival @ Titiwangsa

Hoh yeah, another gig. Since when like... AGES?! HAHA. Okay, maybe not ages, but the past few thingies I went to weren't really gigs, so I couldn't really blog about them. They were... just... more of a... hangout thing.

Whatever, ANYWAY. This one. Despite the fact that I arrived about, let's see, 4 hours late (LOL!), I doubt I really missed much; knowing Malaysian timing, I was probably only an hour late.

Main highlights of the day are pretty limited, but it's all about who you're with, and I was with the best people ever :D
Had a lovely time laughing and getting things out of my head - or at least temporarily blocked - with all my close buds and new buds and gig buds. Haha. I met up with Arul (from stranger to gig bud to close friend to boyfriend hehe), and Aifa - his close mate! - and saw Nysa and Meor and that whole Youth09 gang yippee!

I arrived about two bands before Gerhana Ska Cinta - but really, what is GSC without Widy? Them without a female vox is just so different now. They really need a replacement, seriously. There's no more of that 'oomph!' that they had. Anyway, GSC performed three songs, two of which were brilliant, and the other one I felt could've been better if they replaced it with 'Terpesona'.

OHHH! Jeffny Komplot was playing for GSC that day! Frigging surprising! And completely random! HAHAHA. Arul and Art kept going 'Komplotan!' and I was just like... huh? Ape benda ni? Then I looked up and saw that face, and I was like HOMG! hahaha! What the hell was he doing there? But damn, his saxophone was so loud and clear. Really awesome stuff.

Sharpshooter was the other highlight. Having one of the member as our friend, we supported them. The vocalist was dressed in the type of clothing which you'd expect some football person to wear haha he looked like he was either going to run off to some padang or start to shuffle. HAHA.
But it was awesome, they were some raggae/ska band. Funky stuff. Did covers like Me Love, Welcome to my Paradise and Gadisku (LOL!).


Fucking Fantastic picture of Art man :D

Now, THAT was frigging awesome. Seriously. I lovedlovedloved it. Was dancing around in the rain, and it was funny because I was itching to enter into the rain but Arul was kinda reluctant. By then Haziq, Chaom, Illey and the rest of the gang were there. Then Chaom turned around and said 'jom?' and I was like YEAH! So me, Haziq and the other dude ran for it, and Chaom just stayed where he was. LIAR. haha!

Pengecut :P

But it was funnn. Had to borrow Haziq's hoodie after that coz I wore a white shirt and you know... white shirt + rain = see through. HAHA.
Went to Kitaro to lepak and dry off. Walked from Titiwangsa Park to the Titiwangsa Monorail which was a killer... but it was a nice walk being with Arul and all. :)

I squealed when I saw Syamil! HAHAHA. Haven't seen this bugger in like.. frigging ages! And we kept laughing at each other with all the hundreds of inside jokes we had. PFFT, T-shirt pulling, etc etc. Haha! We were driving Haziq, Art and Arul mad because they had no idea what we were laughing about. LOL! Too bad Mil wasn't here too. My own Angelina Jolie. In male form hhaha!

A nice day overall.. wasn't a WOW gig. But.. was a nice day.

Celine's saving her energy for the upcoming gigs :D