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Monday, January 14, 2008

8TV's 4th B'day Bash @ One Utama

Right, so where do I begin?

I personally can say this gig was absolutely awesome. Despite Faizal Tahir being banned from performing temporarily because he had taken off his shirt. (Honestly though, I dare say it was an extremely unharmful act, despite the eyesore we got from the dripping "S" stamped on his chest.Er, way to go, Superman...? )

So, I went to One Utama for dinner with my mother, my uncle and my two cousins, Louise (yeah :D) and YunHong. It was YH's first time to a gig so it was going to be funky I spoz. Met up with Nin, Maria and Dela at OU, along with Nin's dad who was apparently going to supervise us throughout the gig... Hehe... really? :P

Gig started at around 8 something. We were greeted with the Top 6 'So You Think You can Dance' Finalists, which was pretty alright, but you can't blame me for the lack of enthusiasm. It was obvious everyone was there for the bands. :) Iman joined us soon before the bands performed, and I managed to meet up with the two guys I met from the Mont Kiara gig, K-lah and Rozy (now pretty close friends of mine) whom I managed to get hold of in the midst of the crowd. Jarrod and Ija were nowhere to be seen yet, but arrived later on in the show.

So. Pop Shuvit was the first band of the night, which I personally felt was a great kick start to the concert. They performed two songs, well, you guessed it - Freakshow and Mara Bahaya, great energizer to everyone who were on their feet and jumping by the end of their performance. This was when I realized I had to run away from Nin's dad because he was pulling us back and blidding.stopping.me.from.moshing! Argh! So I put my hoodie over my head and zipped off to where a bunch of random guys were stood and ducked to "tie my shoe laces" as I saw Nin's dad's eyes looking around for me. Hah. I know it was pretty evil of me, but I'm sure in no time he'd be busy guarding Nindy, Maria, Louise, Dela and YH.
To be honest I have forgotten which bands performed after which, so I'm just going to simply tembak, so don't kill me if I get it wrong. Suki, the winner of One in a Million impressed no one by her meek performance of Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend"... like... Helloo? I actually feel sorry for her for the bad pick of artists 8TV did on her part; she should've been put to perform the day before when it was just the soloist and Chinese singers. Yeah.. You had the crowd going "hey hey you you, why don't you get out of here?"... really not pleasant.

However, Jaclyn Victor, Malaysian Idol winner, was the most welcomed soloist in my opinion, including Che'Nelle and Faizal (he wasn't welcomed by me to be honest, but was welcomed by pretty much a large part of the audience); Jaclyn played towards the end, when everyone was exhausted so she really gave everybody time to reconcile with their friends and just sit around to get back their breath for Hujan's final act. She performed Alicia Key's "No one" along with her own single "Satu Harapan". Refreshing stuff.

Gerhana Ska Cinta. Phew. They were... AMAZING. That was when we started going crazy! Pop Shuvit was like... the icing on the cake but Gerhana Ska was the sugar in the cake itself. They got us high, we started skanking and jumping and just completely zoning out. I stuck with Iman for a while, and we had a 'skank circle' kinda thing going on with some random dudes, and suddenly everything was a blur, I probably blanked out for those GSC minutes of my life. Gerhana Ska ended with "Senyuman Ragamu", a total singalong for everyone, and I found myself facing the left of the stage (all my friends were towards the right). I met Jarrod and Ija through snitches of the gig, laughing, talking, jumping, and separating again.

Bittersweet gave us a sufficient performance, I thought; they got the crowd singing and jumping. Well almost every band did that night. It could either mean every band was superb or that the crowd was just ready for any garbage and trash thrown at us. Muahaha. Bittersweet performed "Perfect Match", "Kucing Hitam" and "Capital E", if I can still remember clearly... Yeah.

Meet Uncle Hussain BLEW ME AWAYYY. Well literally, you know. They performed "Lalala Kerjalah", "Lagu Untukmu" and "Pari2 di bawah angin". I was just jumping and singing along and in the middle of Pari2, I got a guy to hoist me into the air, and I was crowdsurfing, baby! Hell yeah! I can say I was probably one of the crowdsurfers who had managed to stay up for more than ten seconds... well, maybe because I was a girl so people didn't want to risk my breaking my neck. HAHA. But honestly, check out their 8TV performance of Lagu Untukmu on YouTube... AMAZING stuff. His voice didn't crack once.

I was quite annoyed when my cousin and friends accounted stories of being molested to me; though I did find it quite ironic that they had been molested under the supervision of Nin's father, while I was jumping around alone and hadn't gotten touched once. Thanks to my hoodie, I suppose, I looked like a guy. :D

I continued to hide from Nin's dad even when I met up with Rozy again, along with his mate Occhin, who probably got freaked out by me for a few seconds. Jarrod joined us and I hid behind him (Rozy was too short HAHA) instead, and we waited for Hujan to start. Nindy ran up to join us, having finally escaped from her dad's clutches and Ija joined us as well, being the bodyguard and bouncer-like figure.
*crowd pushes continuously*Ija: HOIIIII!*we stop falling forward*

So, finally. HUJANNNNNNN. The band most people were waiting for (and I say most people, not all, because there were groups of people leaving after Bittersweet performed saying "Wohh, Bittersweet dah perform, boleh balik dah skarang!") , also the band that got me scolded by my mom because I insisted to stay on to watch them. HAHAHA. Shit. Soooo. They play the first notes and I instantly knew it was the start to "Bila Aku Sudah Tiada".

Ija was slightly disheartened to realize he didn't know what song it was, which was really quite funny, despite him spoiling the moment. xD
Ija: What the hell, what song is this?
Me: It's Bila aku sudah tiadaaa!
Ija: what the hell is that?! how come i don't know about it...
Me: -_-
They finally ended at around 10.45pm which resulted in my flying into the mall with Jarrod and Nindy clutching on me, or me clutching on to Jarrod with Nindy clutching onto me, or both of us clutching onto Jarrod, or us clutching on to Nin... I forgot. :D haha. Realized my cousin brother was missing, so I rushed out to find him, FOUND him, and went back to where my uncle stood, waving at Rozy and the gang who were sprawled on the floor leaning against the wall.

My mom thought I just came out of the showers.
That's enough to say about the gig. Haha. :)
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