It's all about smoke & sweat.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunburst Festival '08

WHOOOOOOOOOO. After weeks and days of arguing to grant me access to this ONE day... it was worth all the crap. Not to mention my losing my purse with my Sunburst ticket in it, which resulted in me having to buy another ticket. Heartbreak, depression and ugliness all morphed into beauty filled with music, hyperness and funfunfun!

My dad came to pick me up in the morning to have some early lunch/late breakfast... awkward seriously, but I could finally breath when he dropped me outside the Bukit Kiara Equastrian Club at around 3pm. I stood around, realizing with horror that I had run out of credit and Nin was nowhere to be seen yet, nor was Jarrod/Mus. I was getting fidgety to be honest, while trying to put on a "I am so totally OKAY" expression as I stood alone without a ticket or a friend. Damn. Then FARIDAH CAME TO THE RESCUE, and I borrowed her phone, made calls, SMSed, and waited for Nin to arrive with her cousins, and saw Ms. Sime, my music teacher, walking past. Hey, she owes me one, I told her about this gig. ;)

So... completely AGITATED and fidgety I was, while waiting for Nin to quickly arrive, I heard Gerhana Ska Cinta performing my favourite song by them "Teman Ku" from where I was seated, and I felt pathetic. I wanted to go.in.and.skank.so.badly! FINALLY, Nin arrived, and we rushed in when I told her Gerhana Ska was almost finished already. Horrified, we realized the stage they were playing at was the FURTHEST from the entrance, so we ran across the whole bloody field. And we skanked. Hell yeah. But to be honest, the crowd during the performance AND for the rest of the day disappointed me. They weren't crazy, the majority of them wasted away their RM200 per ticket by just standing around looking cool.
Er, hot? Like, totally not!
We managed to catch Senyuman Ragamu and Inilah Ska by GSC so at LEAST we had a good time for that.

So. We chilled around after GSC, and wandered to the stage where Gigi was performing. The day was still way too early and the field too empty, the atmosphere just wasn't there yet. I got bored after a while (again I blame the crowd), so we sat around waiting for Pop Shuvit to start, and was introduced to a friend of Dela's, Atif. He was Meet Uncle Hussain's friend + photographer, so Nin and Dela were bugging him about going backstage and all that. Didn't really work. Aha.

Pop Shuvit played, and to be honest, despite them not being my favourite band, they definitely have a way of boosting the atmosphere level. Or shall I say, the atmoshphere. Bahahahahaha no. -_-They performed Where the Sleeping Dogs Lie, Mara Bahaya, Freakshow, Old Skool Rocka... In fact they performed a lot of songs. They lasted 45 minutes, but the only best part I could say about their performance was when it started.to.rain! Heaven! It was those first few drops growing into a huge downpour that got our adrenaline going; people were starting mosh like crazy, which got Ms. Sime to get worried about me, only to end up laughing because I was able to push back any guy that crashed into me with a glare. Muaha. Girl power yaw. Oh and MoOts came to join us in the rain, which was kinda cool, I suppose. :)

Nin rushed in midway to pass me my hoodie, thank god, and two random dudes asked me if I knew Mus, explaining they saw me in pictures with him. Hwahwa, their names were Wan&San, which cracked me up.
a) Both had the names of my friends
b) and it didn't help that they rhymed. xD
Mus arrived, I squealed at the sight of WuShen, whom I hadn't seen since... my mom's birthday lunch! Hugged Jarrod, introduced them to Ms. Sime, and took Mus to see his two mates (who he told me later on that he didn't really like, so, oopz). Nin had a few awkward moments with Mus, but what do you expect immediately after a break up ey?

Continued to wait for Love Me Butch/Hujan to start. Nin, Maria and Dela insisted to watch Hujan, so I went to catch LMB with Jarrod. :D It was funky. HAHAHA Syarul was completely clueless that his fly was open and it took everybody so long to get him to realize.
Crowd: OI, you're fly's open! *points to their pants*
Syarul: [unable to hear due to the music + rain] *wriggles his eyebrow, obviously getting the wrong message*
Syarul: *laughs* [probably thinking WTF, are they gay?]

The look on his face when he realized was priceless. :P
We just missed Stumble Upon A Glass as we ran to the side where LMB was, so we screamed along to the rest of their songs... Reconcile, Barricade and Hollywood Holiday. Was worth it, but it would've been better with more moshing, I guess. But like I said, I didn't really expect much from the crowd. Rushed back to the other side to catch Hujan. I found it pretty funny that people carried umbrellas while watching them; Hujan... umbrella... get it? xD
Ran into the crowd, stuck with Jarrod, turned to my left and saw Nin looking at me. Stared at each other, recognized each other, screamed with glee, and got together. LMAO. That was pathetically funny. I kept seeing the same bunch of guys near us, and they were lyk "Hey, you again!"... haha yeah. Hujan's performance was dead due to the lack of enthusiasm coming from the crowd. Bloody hell, HUJAN WAS PLAYING WHILE IT WAS RAINING, PEOPLE SHOULD'VE BEEN WILD!!!! -_-

Nindy kept bugging me about seeing Eyang, the drummer for The Fugitives, friend of Jarrod, San and Wu, and pointed to a guy with a girl, but I shrugged it off, only to realize it was him, as we watched George Clinton + Psychadelic Funk perform. They were pretty darn funky; there was this weird, short dude wearing diapers on stage which was hilarioussss. Their music was... well... FUNKy obviously haha! Danceable, but somehow I wasn't in the mood to really dance, so I strolled off after a while and went to watch Bittersweet perform. Yay!

Bittersweet. Definitely one of my fav shows from that day. At least the crowd I was mingling around showed some sort of enthusiasm by singing along and jumping together (there was a guy in blue that was so damn cool, he was dancing with me haha!). But some bald dude with a feathery scarf and bowler hat was eyeing Nindy, so I pushed her to the side, and stood beside him instead. It didn't really make things better, coz' I ended up getting grabbed by that dude. Oh well, it was a good day and I didn't want to get pissed too much by losers like him so I let it pass. Danced and sang along to A Perfect Match, Kucing Hitam, Capital E and was introduced to their latest single "Burn Berlin Down". :) Was a nice show.

Evening had already arrived by then and it wasn't long before the sky started to fade into a dark hue. Adhi ordered some pizza for us, and I saw The Roots performing. Saw a tall familiar figure, laughed, and went to join Mus at gawking at the big screen as the drummer of The Roots did a heck of a drum solo.
Mus: *staring* Damn...
Me: *staring* Yeah... shit...
Random people: *walks past us, stares at us... continues walking*
Me: You know we look like retards right?
Mus: Yeah.

XD went back to my table, lost Mus as he went off, then saw him again chilling with his big brother and his friends on another table, so I went to chill with him. Nin passed me my pizza, gave me a look when Mus didn't say 'Hi' to her that said "See, what I mean?", and went back to our original table. I forced Mus to eat some of my pizza, when Jarrod came to join us, and we started walking around the place. Bumped into Ms. Sime(Simmers), who was pretty tipsy (heck, she was pissed drunk apparently, which she told me a few days later haha, when she had managed to hitch a ride from Widy Gerhana Ska :) lucky person.). I reminded her Mus and Jarrod were Enrai members, and we were cut short as fireworks were set off into the skies, illuminating the whole event. It's always funny how everyone just stops what they're doing to stare at the fireworks. But it was a beautiful moment. Simmers then turns to Mus and goes "Ah, you're Nindy's boyfriend aren't you!", and the silence that followed almost sent me bursting into laughter at the sight of her face as she realized something wasn't right. She excused herself rather quickly after that, and was horrified when I told her the next day that Nin and Mus had just broken up. Bahahaha, man, she's a weird one.

Went to get some pizza/food, because Jarrod was hungry. Piggy backed Mus to where the line was (a very, very long and slow line, if I may add), and that was probably the moment I enjoyed the most from that night. Just chilling, laughing and talking with my two close buddies :) Heehee. Kept worrying I would miss Meet Uncle Hussain's show, thought it was already going on, only to realize it was One Buck Short. Mus and I started playing tag, and the three of us were whacking each other with towels. HAHAHA what the hell was that about huh? xD

Nindy found us, supporting a hurt leg; probably twisted a muscle, and I guess that was Mus's moment to straighten out any awkwardness for the night by carrying her back to where our table was. xD "Well, if I'm going to be in the same place as her, might as well go with the flow" he said. Lolz, good on you.

While waiting for MUH, I saw Hanafi on stage playing for Reza Salleh... gosh he was hawt. Er.. what? I meant er... his guitar playing was hot. Yeah. :D MEET UNCLE HUSSAINNNN. Again, gay crowd, except this one guy who sang along with me to "Pura-Pura" with so much enthusiasm. :) Hafiz was his name if I could still remember clearly... Lan started off funny, introducing the crowd to "Pura-pura!" when the music that started playing was for "Lalala kerjalah." Bahaha. Lan: Huh?Band members: Huh?Audience: What...?Hahahahah! Oh I got grabbed during their show as well, but this time I couldn't see who it was. Gay guys. -_-

Sat around waiting for my dad to call and say it was time to go, while listening to John Legend play his lovely tunes. Soothing moments. Nin left before me, so I was left with Atif as Jarrod had gone to check out Incognito and probably John Legend as well. I was appalled at Atif's consumption of cigs.
Me: TWO packs a day!? How many cigs is that?!
Atif: 40 la.
Atif: I used to smoke 4 packs okay
Me: *speechless*

I made an attempt to take his pack off him, which I DID muahaha. I would've gone home with the cigs if he hadn't been so conscious of the cigs in my pocket.

So I went home, Jarrod walked me out and met my dad (the first of my gang of friends to have done so LOLZ), and cursed the fact that I missed Incubus, Amy Search and Estranged, and cursed the fact that my phone was spoilt because of the rain... but Sunburst... was a blast :)

Celine apologizes for posting this sans pictures.